Quebec delays were drowned when the school was swimming and did not miss for 38 minutes


MONTREAL – The Quebec teenager drowned in a 38-minute high school class athlete class at noon knew noon.

Louis Normandin's report about the death of Beannachadh Claude Moukoko in the last February states that swimming courses taught as part of the educational curriculum must be better governed.

He says that athletics staff need training if they offer swim lessons, and a lifeguarder should give full-time study in all courses . Normandin recommends that classroom swim lessons will be hanged so that those steps are respected.

Moukoko, 14, participated in his third class swimmers as part of the mid-February athletics course in February 15. Like many of the 19 class students, he did not know how to swim . He told the authorities that he was struggling to keep his head over water and there was a problem in his & her; the deep end.

No one knew that the student was at Level 8 when leaving their class on the pool, and when a second class came to be; noticed what they were thinking about; hiding at the bottom of the bath.

Moukoko suffered a bad bad brain and stayed in hospital because his situation was not better before his death on 21 February.

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