Queen Brian May will host Film Music for her & # 39; first single single in 20 years


BRIEF MARKS EXPANDED A & # 39; Presentation of Video Clips for its first single solo in 20 years

BUTTON guitar Brian May has published the official music video for his first full work in two decades. "New Horizons", written by Brian and Don Black, recorded and completed in December, has just received a global digital message. The broadcast was all over the world since NASA Control of Maryland USA headquarters on New Year's Day (Tuesday, January 1). This is the first official single of his & # 39; guitar / songwriter "Why not try again again", taken from him "Other Earth" album in 1998.

"New Horizons" Yes BrianPersonal suggestion for what's going on NASA New Horizons Mission, which will be New Year's Day 2019 & reaching the largest space passage in history, in meeting the Kuiper Belt remote (KBO) theme called Ultima Thule, far from Pluto on the edge of the solar system.

May, who has a doctorate in astrophysics, and is a New Horizons science co-worker, will attend New Horizons Maryland, Washington County, a New Year's working base to see the final historical approach how it will happen. Brian He was also present to win a new Pluto Horizon & Pluto in 2015, and delivered his first stereoscopic icon at his & # 39; Most of Pluto, from the increasingly evolving data that was in the process. seeking a NH probe.

Brians "New Horizons" rian (Ultima Thule mix) celebrates the entire 12-year tour of New Horizons, including a message from Stephen Hawking congratulated the team for the success of Pluto three years ago. In a more broader way, the song is a hymn to the human intelligence spirit, which extends to its presence; globe.

"New Horizons" Alba, broadcast live on January 1 at 12:02 a.m. EST (5:02 a.m. GMT) from the New Horizons control center in Maryland, the United States, at the time when the historic Ultima Thule has been proven.

Saying Brian: "This project has inspired me in a new way. I have been an exciting challenge to bring together two aspects of my life – science and music. Alan Stern, the campaigner of this amazing project NASA mission, which was sent down to the last minute thumbnail. He asked me to play a theme for Ultima Thule; It could be played when the NH's top test arrived at this new destination. It was inspired by the idea that this is the far afield that arrives at mankind. The most remote thing we saw at its proximity to the # case, through the statues that the spacecraft will return to the ground. For me, it affects the desire of the human spirit to recognizing the world-wide we live. Everyone who puts the power to pursue this mission since its launch in January 2006 will be a " Feeling they are in the small carriage but bad – just about the size of a big piano – because it's a & # 39; removing another amazing event nearby. And through eyes & # 39; a vehicle, we will start learning, for its & # 39; the first time, what Kuiper Belt is doing. And select valuable views about how our solar system was born. "

Brian have been "break" parts of the route with a special change "New Horizons" video clips Instagram and Twitter feeds, too Brianknown "Bri & Soapbox" at BrianMay.comSouth Westerly


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