Queen Letizia to # 39; buy and without apparently it causes stir


Queen Letizia


A picture that shows Queen Letizia without taking advantage of the offers Sunday giving a speech.

The magazine Hi! the Spanish monarch took hold, no matter how heavy the corana you are going to do is; throw on your head, all the girls are going to be & # 39; going shopping, and if it's good there will be a lot more.

"It was encouraged to visit the Millenel commercial zone with its councilor and his friend, Eva Fern√°ndez", they appear in the publication about revenge Letizia in Madrid.

At this time, wife King Philip VI It did not go on the sun glasses or the big falcon that it will be; Usually used to not be detected in this type of left. Instead, she was decorated informally with the hair of her hair and without a fall of proportion.

Yes Don Felipe Attending an official event in Las Palmas, governing the XXIII Conference of the Ultraperipheral Departments of the EU Parties, and Princess Leonor and the Distribution they were still in school, the Queen Letizia spend almost 2 hours in store Distribution, one of your favorite brands.

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