Quest for stealing and stating; threatening your mentor at Linares Bank


It was on November 29, when 10 people dressed in white wheels and claws, The in the clean style of the "The Paper House" series, The into the branch of BancoEstado de Linares terrible officers in bad raid.

With objections and death threats, Bank staff were held for more than an hour It was accepted that everything was true, since no one knew that it was an invasive tune; there.

"From the bank they did not tell the staff that they would be drilled They thought everything was real and that they threatened them, The write and brutal medicine. Two officers asked us to advise and put a complaint against those responsible for theft and threats, "said the lawyer. Hugo Veloso.

Maule's old maid said "From the bank they will offend Customs officers, The from Customs officers to bank, even though no person cares to be & # 39; including two officers together psychotherapy and post-traumatic struggle without trying to go back to her bank. "

Claudia SepĂșlveda One of the complaints and related to "they hit me, The It was put on my knees and my danger was killed. I do not know why they kept us so far without telling us anything, I'm really bad and nobody gave us an explanation. "

Also between tears, Lorena Trejos He was related to being "a lot of writing to scare me and lock myself in the dining room, As I can look and I saw two people were in a position; threatening death with each other With armor on the ridge decorated with a white mask and throwing, I thought this can not be done; happening. "

The draft of Customs officers

Carabineros identify Linares without after work, The Several bank officials raised their concern due to lack of drill experience and gave notice by saying that the necessary coordination was made.

"Having asked the authorities to be co-fitted with that banking unit, and after co-ordinating with their agents, they should inform the operators and staff of that company and tell them how this action was done, giving up the day and the time it was agreed to make the emotions, "said the statement.

The note says "Our order ordered a warning to authorities and their services to activate & # 39; carrying out this activity, even for the media, coordination of knowledge and the development of their exterminations ".

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