Question about Qatar depressed … An "suspicious" certificate of an officer in "Barclays"


With more facts and information about the Qatar fracture on the Barclays Bank, efforts are made to make any connection to the country system suspicious. This is clear in the testimony of the former chairman of Barclays Wednesday in court for fraud and focus in suspicion issues. With Doha.

Markus Agios, in a certificate before Court of Southwark Court, said he had to see a document; Showing fees agreed for Qatari investors at their bank in the UK for his / her. the first time "four years after receiving these permissions," despite the great and sensitive position. at the time.

"He does not know how the additional taxes of 280 million ($ 365 million) were settled, or how to reach that number in October 2008 at the height of financial crisis," said the banker.

"Not only did I not see the document, I was not even aware of it," he said, saying "his first time he saw the document in 2012. "

John Farley, chief executive of Barclays and some of his former colleagues, Roger Jenkins, Tom Calaris and Richard Booth, have been tackled by suffering from a " trying to be fooled through beautiful representations in dealing with Doha.

Qatari's investors made up to $ 4 billion to Barclays in two cash-raising work at the 2008 credit crisis, and bank banking allowed government to avoid leaflets from the government.

Four of the old activists who attacked Barclays, the market and other investors were going to attack them. announced that Barclays did not pay a further £ 322 million to Catar through two advisory service contracts over 10 years ago, according to the Office of Serious Breeding in Britain. Years, what defenders have denied.

According to documents submitted to the Court, Farley had full power for a second round of money-making after a meeting of the Board Finance Committee established by Barclays on October 28, 2008, who was including taxes "fair and reasonable", according to documents.

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