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Young Magazine Leiter (Juli Jakab) arrives on Budapest which lets a weird feel in

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The young Magazine Leiter (Juli Jakab) arrives on Budapest which lets a strange feel in "Sunset".

It will now be fashionable but somewhat infinite when László Nemes reverts to the first "Saul" reward by drama which is probably about the great Austrian-Hungary power falling.

It is a great success to be succeeded by a director of Laganzló Neme in Hungary with the big story "Sauls son" (2015). A deep story brought attention to the world, which resulted in an excellent water source at Oscar for the film which didn't appear in English.

Nemes' heir was rapidly brought to the throne as the heir to Béla Tarr and accepted the next project, perhaps the most expensive thing done in Hungary. So, high expectations about "Sunset", which is about Irisz Leiter (Juli Jakab). She is a young botanist who returns to Budapest to find the place of a popular and iconic parent shop.

The year is 1913 and the whole town is dispersed by a strange atmosphere. The new owner, Brill and his staff who are almost entirely female to staff are reciprocal of Irisz. Irisz is not quite as happy and I suspect that she has a problem in the shop and while she is talking about much more than getting a job.

The first time of "Sunset" is inspiring. An unknown brother, a sad woman, is characterized by a forced man with a valid link. It's inspiring and worrying, a strong feeling that nothing and nothing they feel they're relaxing on the images on the sepia. Much like in "the son of Saul", the picture is pretty rigid, Irisz is close to most of the situation, the camera just chicks in front of or behind, and the depth of the machair is t short.

In "the son of Saul", it was a natural part of the awful story of growing. In "Sunset" it feels clearer why Nemes has chosen to work in this cruel way. At all, the project as a whole feels it is too low.

It is probably not for those who have eggs that grew power at Austria-Hungary. But after nearly two hours of privacy and grave reports like “you're beautiful like a rose, you know about it” and then you are pretty good at jokes and sigh for a little bit more. T to keep in your hand. But the hats are pretty beautiful.



Gender: Drama

In the roles: July Jakab, Vlad Ivanov, Evelin Dobos and others

Director: László Nemes

Duration: 2 hours 22 minutes

Age rating: 11 years

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