Quickly, all babies can be given a vaccine


A year ago, the Public Health Commission initiated the investigation on its potential to vaccine into Sweden. Later in 2019, the investigation will be given to the Ministry of Social Affairs and then the government will decide whether its vaccine will be introduced into the Swedish general vaccine program, TT writing.

– There are very high demands for vaccines that should be included in a national program, so the benefit must clearly reflect on the risks, according to Adam Roth, a unit manager for the Commission's vaccine programs Public Health.

In to analyze its & # 39; vaccine, there are three sides that need to be considered: A disease prevention, that must be socially proven and need to be justified. The results of the US, where a vaccine has occurred since 1995, shows that a number of oak cases fell by 82 per cent between 2000 and 2010.

– It is an effective vaccine. If you are two-sized vaccine, you will be able to. removing a concert in society in society, saying Adam Roth.

Oat is usually a disease of oats, but it is very interesting. However, this means that the illness has many socio-economic impacts, and including when parents need to stay home with sick children for a while.

It is anticipated that there will be around 300-400 cases per year with children with a pitcher who need hospital care and about half as often as possible; Many adults usually need hospital care.

TT: Are there any medical hazards with a crime vaccine?

– It is not clear what we will come in. That's how the survey looks, so I can not see it well, Adam Roth said.

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