Quintero residents deal with authorities and their clients. throwing eggs at the Valparaíso National Master's chariot


Le events This completed the meeting in Quintero between Valparaíso's master, Jorge Martínez, and representatives of merchants and tourism, when the economic revitalization program was launched for her. This company and also Puchuncaví, an area that had been influencing environmental crisis during the last few months.

During the activity a group of stadium activists took several times, even to ensure that the authorities and parliamentaries they do not welcome them expressing the disagreement about how to deal with the emergency in the & # 39; communion.

When Martinez went to her & her; he had not denied the ones who were present, he threw himself even eggs to the glass of the car in which he retired from the place, the carriage where the highest regional authority was built by carabinera.

The program will be delivered through services such as Corfo, Sercotec and Fosis; with a total budget that goes over it 2,870 million pesos, as reported by Seremi de Economía, Javier Puiggros.

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In addition, the initiative reflects, amongst other things, a special and spectacular competitive property for SMEs in the area, establishes a satellite of the Business Development Center in Quintero, together with facilities for strengthening business companies related to local commerce. and colleagues, according to Cristián Mella, regional director of Sercotec.

Pressure (Millibars)

The measures also include a program of urban development and community equipment, and the performance of cultural activities and free exhibitions for the area.

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