Quintuplicate men with HIV to women


Men living with HIV / AIDS quintuplicate women, reported the State Health Department.

Kristel García, in charge of the rapid testing program, showed that in the state there are 172 people with the virus, of which 146 are men.

Within the framework of the World AIDS Day, which commemorates the first of December of each year, the authorities will begin a campaign to carry out free tests next week.

Formerly Health personnel has recommended those who have an active sexual life to use condoms, which are free of charge in any health unit and regardless of whether they are entitled.

They also ask that the gender test or sexual preferences are not applied periodically. Likewise, it is mainly recommended for those with sex without protection, sexual workers and their clients, as well as those who use injected drugs and share utensils. (With information from Orlando Chávez / El Diario)

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