Quùnh dolls – The last program: Quynh lives with his son, Lan province and mansions; appearing suddenly


Start the last program What to do, My wolf (Thu Quynh) has appeared to Quynh (Phuong Oanh) who is a caretaker to know that Quynh's son is. She also said the baby was the device for the guests of Tiantai Quynh. Counting the time, the name was & # 39; think he might have been his son.

My wolf does not want to tell Quynh's father about the baby. She even gave her to the school of the baby. At this time, Quynh also came to find children. This opportunity for whistling Quynh Quynh makes it very angry. She told her she would take her baby to give him, because I'm going to give her a child; feel happy. I want Quynh to get his life alive in humiliation.

Quùnh dolls - The last piece: Quynh lives with his son, Lan province and his vision. slowly merchandise - Picture 1.

Come home after my wolf's meeting, Quynh has a very strange idea. She advised Dao (Quynh Kool) to reflect critically when he made a decision. Fear and awful fear because of Quynh's meaning.

Falling into slaughter, Quynh came to Thinh (Hai Anh), and he mentioned about a while. From the obsession itself, the person who killed a father, whose father had to do was, Feeling that her trust is banned, Quynh has been going to tear all the time in tears. Looking at this scene, Thinh revealed compassion for her long life.

Out of the Thinh, it's astonished that Quynh chose to bring his campaign to his father. But this is also a Quynh plan for revenge for this name.

Seeing Quynh, his own person is happy to work, stay Quynh living together as husband and wife. He promised that Quynh would be happy and give birth to more children. Quynh said that a co-operation was amazing, but when his father was destined to invade the wine and did not pay attention, she took away the knife to settle it. However, he let himself go to Quynh at the same time. Unfortunately, Quynh is now lying on his stomach and injuring himself.

Quùnh dolls - The last program: Quynh lives with his son, Lan province and the scene of a sudden appearance suddenly - Picture 2.

At the same time, because Quynh Thinh has not sailed my wolf's request from the Vu (Minh Tiep). Look at Thinh to get out to Quynh, so we'll crawl a wolf and ask Thinh to tell his heart to Quynh's place.

Quùnh dolls - The last program: Quynh lives with his son, Lan province and the scene of a sudden appearance - Picture 3.

When he arrived at Quùn's father, Thinh saw her lying on the floor, filled blood with skirts. The farmer who saw him was running away and Thin was concerned that he would take him to Quynh urgently. However, the child did not have an impact on his effects. When he ran away from home, he was executed.

Quynh lives with his son, Lannon and big houses suddenly - Picture 4.

From the hospital, Quynh remembered the beautiful memories of childhood when living with family, the emotional moments with girls in the caves and Tiantai's sister as the nobility of Lan.

Ultimately, Vu has returned to her child to Quynh. I moved to live in a remote country in Central America. At this time, good news came. Lan has been involved with Quynh. His master was also with the family and was accepted. About my wolf, he was arrested by the police for the possession of drugs.

After all, despite being aware of the future, Lan no Quynh has received a peaceful life. However, this is not the end of the Quynh doll, since at the end of the movie, a character suddenly emerged, opened the ability that the story does not stop here, it is Landscape – people who are I think that's dead.

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