"Quynh doll" was confusing complex because of disturbance and worry


Although the producer has shown that the story is not only the return of the actor who plays "Quynh dolls" as Doan Quoc Dam – as Landscape; Oanh – Mar Quynh, Thu Quynh – My duty as "the wolf"; Trong Lan – Phong Place … but also some of the actors "Hate is love" as: artist Chi Trung – how to quang; Van Dung – Miss Diem's ​​post; Dinh Tu – as Du; Manh Hung – Khanh, Hai Anh – shoulders … but the listeners are still waiting for this movie. Many people are just just looking forward to going to & # 39; see behind "Marshal" that they have been happy.

Creating characters Look back in the story.

Creating characters Look back in the story.

Previously, Landscape and Quynh have been able to keep the bridge over the next. but Quynh is very cold and is not known. A vision has been causing the audience to speak all the time. Detailed information The big-speed scenery that is not very fast to the sea is also very much hoped that Landscape will look for Quynh to meet happiness.

So, the story of "Quynh flies" is more than 37 minutes in a variety of settings. The shot was saved by Mr Quang "quo" when the debts stopped his car crashing. Then, Landscape asked Mr Quang for help because he was unemployed but Mr Quang refused. The view goes on, see the Quynh view; proceed with the Thinh loch.

Once again, when talking to Du about being & # 39; saw Fort William, went to Canh and asked Landscape to work as a security guard at D training room. The stories are then interwoven and do not follow a clear circle.

Information and also disturbing many people as "feeding" to "Quỳnh dolls" and Part 2 was born Phong – Old man's son (Tuan Thien) revenge After several days of unsuccessful success , Feng and his company found the scene just before the Thai Thien inn, where he was in the past with Quynh, Lan, My, Liên … once. Although the scene remembers nostalgia with Quynh, the Phong group to attack the scene.

However, this is just a dream of Mr Quang "quack" and when Mr Quang woke up a great deal when the Quùnh place was to buy old watches at his shop. The dance film about the Thien Thai community is the tone of the song "You're forgetting me."

Many people say that the story "Quynh doll" is like a "lite" pot and does not really mean much to the audience.

"Hate is love" with "Quynh doll". The "ball pen" and comet Quynh ", so funny, make sure the listeners are happy. Indeed, the story is not logically, just a few paragraphs, and nothing is understood. After a while, Quynh "doll" was a jigsaw, stomach, beautiful, still a little herd, so the dress.

As you tell the story out, tell the audience about the life of the scenery or someone clearer. He gave 38 minutes to see but unfortunately he slept. A dream to be & # 39; See my brothers who dreamed about Quynh but I do not. dreaming of dreaming more, "said the listeners Tran Thi Nhu.

Canh and Quynh appear at the end of the story.

Canh and Quynh appear at the end of the story.

"Of course, the story about staying up to the audience, and perhaps the director does not store the script, but there is also a movie with PR for the film "Hate is love"

However, there are very few people who enjoy fun, light, funny color … of this part.

"I do not understand that you do not understand what. Clearly, the story is very tied to the main movie, but you always want enough. First, he saw Quynh walking on the street, Thinh came out to talk to face because he was thinking of another Quynh. Then, he also talked about living but to hide because Phong left her imprisonment.

In the end of his call to Lien, he examined Quynh in Quang Binh. Consideration of its & # 39; Ultimately, Canh's motorcycle can be easily understood by its sea. Deleting scenes by "Hate is love" are wholly linked to the main movie. Can you see that link? ", Han Feung listeners said.

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