Quynh is a happy doll to the end, the listeners are still responding


"Quon dolls" can not be finished by the end of being back: Vu the child returned to Quynh, Quynh and his son who live safely in a rural country are on their way. coast The wolf was arrested by the police for illegal possession of drugs; The vision suddenly came back, riding a bicycle with a good look and style; Only missing everything from the last program.

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Quynh was finally with his son.
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He was cured and got family support.

However, this happy ending was a series of audio files from the listeners. As before, according to the "warning" written by Kim Ngan as well as Phuong Oanh, "Quynh doll" ends.

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"Miss" Mr. Wolf suddenly arrested for "possession of drugs".

Many people say that the final result "Quynh dolls" is considered human, but it does not seem that the heart of humanity is " match the characters' minds. In addition, the rhythm, the film is too fast and it has to solve a subject for many characters in a set so that the listeners feel that the movie is fulfilled, only the nature of the "post office".

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Many spectators showed the last "wheeled wheels" concern.


A member of the audience said, "Indeed, I do not want the film to film because of the problem that has not been solved because the truth is not clarified, the character of his death is dead still regarded as dead. "

"The movie is a happy ending but a little boy," the wolf "was surrounded why his father died before the death of his or her life, and who had a child Quynh send the child to Quynh and the child to accept a strange woman as a mother? ", Audiences amazed.

Many people said they were feeling anxiety because of them; It was anticipated that the "Quynh dolls" product would be better: "The last event of the program, the program does not tell the story but does not show the results in the words" a while later "… fear, terrible."

In addition, many have questioned whether the end of the movie has changed to take the audience. In addition, the message to the end of the run at the end of the movie makes the audience a & # 39; Worrying whether or not the second movie is?/.

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