R.Beaubois finished three goals with the Daruschafaka team hoping to rise from the bottom


Istanbul Darushafaka (1/8) continues to & # 39; leaving the base of the Euroleague station and at home 88:93 (23:19, 23:23, 14:32, 28:19) arriving at Anadolu Efes club (7/2) in the same town.

In the first round of the game, "Daruschafaq" was a bit ahead, but everything changed significantly after a long break.

Rodriguez Beaubois published two thirty-two followers, one penalty of Tibor Pleiss, and suddenly RBeaubois put two more powerful throws – 61:50. After this single-handed server, Anadolu Efes managed dual-digit management and continued.

After two and a half minutes, Jean-Paul Peiner hit an important three-point (83:86), but this was the last attempt by Daruschafaka to go to. game was demolished.

Anadolu Efes: Rodriguez Beaubois 24 (6/7 th., 5 pieces, 25 nb), Tibor Pleiss 12, Brock Moodle 11, Shane Larkin 10, Bryant Dunston, Vasilie Micici and Adrian Moerman (12th producer.) – after 9.

Darush Shafaq: Michael Eric 18, Jane Painter 15, Jeremy Evans and Muhammad Baygul – after 11, Ray McCallum 10.

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