Raccoon is preserved, left drowned in a grassy steam in Metro Vancouver


A raccoon has died after being caught in life for more than a week and then put it in a litter bin full of water to slowly drown.

Staff at Wildlife Society Critter Care – which provides care and revival for native mammalian species for B.C – say they are shaken up after they handle the & # 39; "very unfortunate" case of animal insolvency.

Animal care supervisor Brooklynn Martin advised staff in Burnaby to ask staff on Friday about 1pm after the tenant in excavation had been found live.

Martin said he was convinced that the owner of the building was restrained half a year ago and that the tenant had accepted that the raccoon had been released.

"The raccoon seems to have been left in the disease and put it in rubbish and filled it with water and left it in custody," she said.

"As soon as the tenant got out what happened he immediately contacted us and it was very difficult to ask what he would do in the meantime before we got there . "

Garbage bubble and live capture

The trap was placed in a brush-powder full of water. – Critter Care Wildlife Association

The tenant removed her shellfish out of her & # 39; stopped, dried it off and put a hot water bottle around to keep it warm until the staff came.

"He was a full-aged adult raccoon and was so weak and so he thought that the tenant and staff were just hand-picked up," said Martin.

Martin told Chourier that he was one of the worst issues of animal insecurity she had had in the three years working at her. wildlife society.

"This raccoon was tied in a foodless detention and in particular brought under underwater water without any means to go out," she said.

"She came in and her shoes were scratched out, all her ankles had pushed her passion, her passion was that she was trying hard to go. and her hair was not left on her tail.

"Every funny case is bad and you're going to deal with the situation and it makes it difficult but this may be the worst thing that I need to deal with."

She said that it was common for people to set up herbs for problem-makers and it was not illegal if it was done in a remarkable way.

"If you do not want them to your house there is a 10km radius around your house where you can grab them and then you can relocate the animal elsewhere," explained Martin.

"But legally you are not allowed to take a snap and leave what's there for more than 24 hours and this poor raccoin was in custody for over a week.

"We have tackled a lot of hard issues, most casualties, and they carry the animal and cause them pain.

"But physically painted the animal and trying to physically drown it – we all got at the center, all the staff were well broadcasted about it.

"The way in which this live animation was used was very hard and very rude."

His wildlife society informed the incident on his Facebook page saying, "There's no place in today's hard!" This post has so far to & # 39; receives more than 1000 people in support and divided more than 300 times.

The staff did the best to go to; save his predator but unfortunately died Friday.

Martin said the issue was reported to authorities, including the strict SPCA line and the Wildlife Society.

In an individual event, SPCA has warned people about the dangers of control of DIY pests after a call from a member of the public to enter the Arbutus Ridge district in Vancouver, to find a stone -reported inside home cage trap engineer.

In a statement, BC SPCA said the convener heard the young raccoon crying all night and found the tragedy raccoon in an enhanced cat attack on nearby properties.

"The attachment was tied to an extension mast, and appears to have an electric presence to run through the metal flow. Then the convener was arrested and dropped off raccoon, and then named the SPCA Animal Support Line SPCA. "

Home gallery

The electric jet trail. – BC SPCA

It is illegal to use a waste ban on raccoons.

Instead of harmful and ineffective DIY modes, BC SPCA encourages members of the public for their & first time eliminate raccoons and seek legal harassment to encourage raccoons, and consult best practices for raccoonsSouth Westerly

If a raccoon is entered into your home or shed, please contact AnimalKind Company which uses instead of exclusion methods to & # 39; capture, move or to # 39; killing.

The SPCA BC does not accept and move wildlife praises.

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