Races – Godoy Cruz: Centurion does not play in a reserve either, but he will add stories that are in the middle of the game. Increased absenteeism – 02/17/2019


This objective is identified bankruptcy. That chief who received the 2014 title security, just a few days away from a new step-by-step anniversary. The racing was a 13-year-old racing and Ricardo Centurión, a leading person in the team structure Diego Cocca. And on the face Godoy Cruz, just on the final date of his competition.

Four years ago and two months ago in that. There was a lot of water running under the pocket bridge. But the Academy Yes again before a game comes, also against the people of Mendoza. This is not the final step of the Super League, indeed. The competition is not defined. However, she has many decisions. For the success of Defense and Justice, it is not so big. And with a stumbling block that needs to go on his way to glory: to be the place, of course, that in 2014, football unbalanced football is not so important 2019, but of inappropriate behavior.

The list of 18 Races is focused.

The list of 18 Races is focused.

Play after the fascinating Falcon Florencio Varela and the Centurion thing. Suffering the register of jobs, which was over 167 days, was a change that could last if this Monday ends with the impact of Godoy Cruz. How does the school respond? What role do people play? In mind, the whole team in Brazil. There were no signs of the fall in the River in the Monumental, punishment he was subject to Ricky. Races were placed in an alien rodeo within the Corinthians with a variety of beginners and settlers and was within 120 seconds to return to Buenos Aires to succeed. The draw, at least, was a profit. And Eduardo Coudet is highly regarded. The fans, at the same time, were cited by social networks to encourage them. It is expected to pay a stadium. If there are almost no entries left.

The answer is still to be answered, then, as is Academy to address the & # 39; This context from a strong perspective on soccer. And that way, Centurion is a very low sound that makes sound. Although there is truth: There were too many slopes on the attacking playground. Can Neri Cardozo Ricky get tired because of his need? An Chacho He strongly added him to St. Paul. Not only did he take possession; He also praised him at his press conference. However, the Mendoza is far from the show that he showed a year ago, when he arrived from Monterrey. It will be important in the inner game.

There are two other changes needed. Eugenio Mena, uncomfortable in the case of Achilles on his right leg, was released. Submit Alexis Soto, who could not play the Russian face because it was suspended. There, in Brazil, he was the "3"; in Iván Pillud, who has a natural situation for a question about a profile for other bands. In the middle of the field, Coudet has no doubt. Guillermo Pol Fernández replaces Augusto Solari, who was killed by the River. On the other hand, at the same time, Lisandro López and Jonatan Cristaldo will continue.

View A new shirt on races against Godoy Cruz.

View A new shirt on races against Godoy Cruz.

Godoy Cruz comes to Avellaneda to achieve its best wishes. Last week he cut a streak that lost three games with the success of San Martin de Tucumán in Mendoza. He won a game away (10th against the Union in Santa Fe) and Marcelo Gómez remembers four changes: Tomás Cardona, Agustín Aleo, Juan Andrada and Facundo Barboza le Agustín Heredia, Nahuel Arena, Fabrizio Angileri, and Kevin Gutiérrez.

At 9 o'clock in the morning they play the backups at the Tita Mattiussi. And with the decision of the Steering Committee, there will be no Centurion, who will train with the youngsters last week. Despite this, the game still remembers the people of Mendoza. And the aim, indeed. You need a towel from the 14th of December 2014. To climb back to the top and turn to it; Holding the case in the classic outlook with Independiente.


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