Races were connected to Banfield and they could not keep the different points on their. the summit


Races he can not break This Sunday night ordered Banfield to pass and he had to settle for him there so much at his stadium, although still at the top of the Super League positions.

The Academy took the initiative to implement the area, but there was no fluidity in other games to make the Banfield prolix, staying behind it and He tried to find out against him with more insight into the clear ideas.

The special game of Race, in particular with the Renzo Saravia division, as well as Ricardo Centurion's distance and dribbling, was hitting tonight with the situation of Drill, who was aware of his constraints, a & # 39; proposes to fight and put a lot of emphasis in the center to cut the distribution of the building.

Races are continuing to & # 39; Super League guides, but now he has a bonus advantage on his company.
Races are continuing to & # 39; Super League guides, but now he has a bonus advantage on his company.

A clan chief from Leonardo Sigali was incredibly defended into the corner with Arboleda and a photograph in the Jonatan Cristaldo forest, the best choices which races were counted for opening the score in first stage of entertaining.

In the second half Racing continued with the campaign but with less flexibility, so the journey's innovative order impeded Eduardo Coudet. Racing's intention was finalized in Arboria's safety, which had 40 minutes left with its hero, Freeze by Guillermo Fernandez to the corner.

It was attempted to make races as it was not possible to get the three points, now it is sending 30 units to almost a couple away of guardian Atlético Tucumán. They, led by Julio Falcioni, on the other hand, came with their recommendation and sacrificed a lot to collect 18 units.

On the next day, Races will visit Talleres on Monday, December 3, in Córdoba; As long as Banfield Young Juniors gets on Saturday.

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