Radical leader and Cambiemos opposed Daniel Angelici for the River Boca – 12/12/2018


Football and politics are brought closer to their enthusiasm for the people. And so much of the success of media they use the same banana talk for influential effects. Also, on both sides, ignorance (not passion) is sometimes similar to them; swept away, with the approval of supporters or tribune. That's the same as a "non-resident" case.

The two boards for puteada. Apparently, that is Secretary of the Assembly of the Senate Buenosairean, Mariano Mugnolo, it was likely that it would be appropriate to put this twitter: "Tomá ​​Angelici, who did not know how well your mother was!" They had spent a minute at the end of the Boca-River game in a & # 39; Bernabéu was in Madrid and the official thought it was essential that there was a lot of reward. The rapid impact of guarangada populations realized and the tweet was removed. However, the catches in the same social network are made.

Where did the secretary get a confidence to & # 39; Boca's president quiz his family? Daniel Angelici is the president of the institute where Angel Clemente Rojas, at the same time, was the largest idol of each time, in a memorable manner, but also the person who followed the position in Mauricio Macri and one of the legal activists most important in the Rosary House, as well as the best political picture of the UCR. With some guidance in the radical center of the Buenos Aires Devolution Town. Mugnolo recognizes the particulars belonging to the party: he is the president of the District Convention.

The ghosts do not come from that side. Between "white wings" there is no smile. Mugnolo is hard working and enforced in his legislative work. It is the responsibility of all the methods that come into the Uachdair House site.

However, it seems that if the thing is a member … It has come out for its impact on the River to give more time to the opponent. I wrote on twitter "Did Carlos Tevez return to the room?". At the same time, he advised the cousins ​​in horror: "Give her a good deal, yes, it's a good memory."

Chicanas, what do they say? Football uncertain. The brain is the brain. So, the secretary did out for the lack and the tweet went out.

Others are left for the sample of the officer's character. When the final game of the Libertadores Cup was stopped at the Nuñez stadium, due to the attack of the " Bus who moved Boca players, Mugnolo asked him to do so; The Minister of Justice and Justice called on Buenos Aires City, Martín Ocampo. Successful to leave other paths. Paradoxes, to Ocampo influencing it on the edge of Angelici.

At least, the statutory secretary will be cited slowly for a short time. Some home choices for their ideas. The Angelici prefers to remove a ring. There is no worry. Mar in the third time. Rugby.

Despite her & # 39; banned, sediment is always after running. On Tuesday, the attack team attacked the Secretary General of the Assembly of Buenos Aires to Angelici, a new related comment when the solicitor, also from Cambiemos, Eduardo "Changui" Barragán, invited the officer to disagree with his Annex of the Chamber. Type of parliamentary design of Diego Maradona's challenge to "Huevo" Toresani ("I'm waiting for you in Segurola and La Habana 4310, the seventh floor, to see it lasts 30 seconds" ).

Here was the question between offices. "The words of the Secretary General of the Assembly (Mariano Mugnolo) have filled me with shame and do not show what the new leadership of this country wants, or the values ​​of radicalism that I am part of. I should stop now, "said Barragán then. The secretary's door was demanding, even after Mugnolo made the tweet against the Angelician.

The advocate, of neighbors with the Mouth president, had appeared in the legislation for the appropriate definitions, in academic terms. Even, they say, with some danger.

Depending on the very positive movements Barragán was carrying out, the author was mourning and sentenced himself to Boca's president.

According to the views of the Synod, Barragán respects Angelici, from his times as a personal driver.

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