"Rafa Araneda already from Chilevisión morning", they ensured in the Glamorama Intruders


Author: C. Z. / November 27, 2018

December is the most significant month of the year for television figures: that is, the days in which they define the work in the future. Where they are updating or deleting their contracts. Because they offer offers, against offer, they will not receive any offer or even a # 39; and set out their preferences.

This year, the Network Campaigners program has been a champion in telling what's happening with the animators and drivers.

They have released open or open meetings. And today they made a real surprise: in the panel it was certain that Rafael Araneda continued on in Chilevisión's morning.

The information rose when reporters told the program that Karla Constant had a meeting with Chilevisión, below to " consider the option of going to the morning newspaper La Morning.

The edge of the Network came into Karla, who raised his hands in a confidential sign and did not want to mention the backup.

"I think challenges are a good step to inspire things. But for now, that is," said Constance in detail.

Demonstrators "against the poker" highlighted a Much Taste driver. "He makes me want to lie, but he does not work out." Oh, they took me. "But he's glad we caught it," they said.

It was in that context that Claudia Schmitd said: "Rafa Araneda is already out of the morning, tell me."

"Of course?" He asked Naty Chilet. "I still think there is a disgrace of hope. But my opinion is that Karla is there and wants to take someone out of the way, I'm thinking, "said Roberto Van Cauwelaert.

At the same time, the sources connected to Araneda are commenting on Glamorama "Rafael talks with Chilevisión have been finalized, so it is in negotiation with the channel until 31 December, the date on which the contract will come."

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