Rafael Cavada and José Antonio Kast, who was a good debate on social networking on TV and Exhibition immigrants


The journalist Rafael Cavada and the old deputy headteacher José Antonio Kast They made an intense debate through social networks, just after Chile was to include the US Migration Agreement.

Everything started after the panel Tomorrow de Chilevision He named his social networks that he added to his biography on Twitter, "I'm a son of a migration and I'm very proud of him." The ones above, co – attached to the blood Carriage that runs through the deer (his eldest mother).

His publishing created several of the ideas, and he was the MP. Previously one of the people responded through the same platform.

"I would like to worry about thousands of illegal migrants entering the country in the last four years. Started by organized crime groups, living in terrible situations in the Chile "wrote Kast.

The journalist responded quickly to the message, saying that he is constantly preserved and politically. "It's very narrow thinking they are special. It's not always," he said.

The politician did not always answer, and # 39; Ask Cavada if he knew independent Independence nurseries.

"Where are illegal immigrant children living all day in unlawful situations while their parents work from the sunrise to the sunset? Did you -nother there? I do. That's sad and the government did not do anything to stop ", he made a tweet.

Not only that, since it also qualified the communications professional as "fair".

"You are a consultant and have a media platform. For 4 years, you chose not to emphasize the government to do something. Today you use it to criticize the only government that took care of human rights migrants, "he said.

"I lost several times on the radio in the two programs in which I participate. Be somewhat harder, or less"answered Rafael.

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