Rafael says Flamengo has been refusing and says he would only do Fluminense and Botafogo


In his fourth season for Leinster, Rafael was at the far side of her; mentions Flamengo. Interactive Sports promised that the information was true: Rubro-Negro made a recommendation to return, but the defendant refused, makes clear that he does not expect to return to Brazil:

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"Thank you to Flamengo for his suggestion, but my opinion is not going to vote for Brazil," said Rafael, explaining what he was afraid of. He returned to the original country one day:

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"I think in Brazil, for my football lover, the club I'm playing with botafogo, team and heart, and Fluminense, for all What made me. I'm Botafogo, "he finished.

Posted by Tricolor das Laranjeiras, Rafael was a feeling at her. next to his brother Fabio. Organized by Manchester United in 2008, he stayed in the English club until 2015. Currently, the age of 28 years.

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