RAGAL CAG Report In Parliament Tomorrow, Price Statement: Sources


The CAG report compares the 2 applications of 2007 and 2015 for Rack jets but on procedures and systems

New Delhi:

A report by the national inspector of CAG will be on the Ràgail agreement for 36 campaigner teams that will be submitted to Parliament tomorrow, but sources say it is not; describes prices, the topic on which the government opposes allegations against corruption.

The CAG report – officially named on the Air Force Capital Capital Products – will be submitted only by the end of the last parliamentary session, the last ones before the national election by the end of the year; May.

Stories say the Inspector has been told "clearly by the Ministry of Defense that price details can not be shared by national security". "There was a lot of government pressure," said the sources to the NDTV. The inspector agrees to keep prices out of his report and examine the percentage terms.

The report compiles the two applications of 2007 and 2015 for Rack jets but on modes and systems. The study compares the government's decision to 36 inches by clicking on the # 39; Using inflation and determination of the UC equipment of 18 aircraft planes in 2007 along with the global applicant.

The contracts are still being examined and the Ministry of Defense is shared and will be issued after the new government has been established.

Stories say that an unofficial press release will be issued about CAG tomorrow to explain the report, instead of a finance administration press release.

The RAG or Director and General Auditor are Rajiv Mehrishi, who was a Finance Secretary when submitting the Ràgail contract.

This has stimulated transport complaints about conflict of interests. Yesterday, Transport Director, Kapil Sibal said Mr Mehrishi was trying to save the NDA-led government by saving BJP in trying to save himself. How can the CAG investigate and work against itself, the Head of Transport was questioned.

The Congress on making a complaint on the CAG is "a sympathy in the irregularities" in a & # 39; Ràgail agreement and found that "its bungling was at the highest level with its immediate and indirect problem".

Transport has been required to provide details of the prices of the public shipping jet – an application that the government has made. refusing to name a secret clause. Rahul Gandhi's party leader has been aiming at Prime Minister Narendra Modi again, saying that the center is in a position. broke out for 126 Rapid Jets that were negotiated by the Government that preceded the Transport and introduced a new expensive deal for 36 jets just to help with a small defense company share Amili Ambani by Dassault Rafale-maker.

Ignore: NDTV was stretched for 10,000 crops with Anil Ambani's Welcome Agency for broadcasting on the # 39; Ràgail contract

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