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The upcoming open world RPG Rage 2 who was present at The Game Awards this week, up-to-date new trailer and publication date. However, this is not the only new information about the game that has just been confirmed. Bethesda has also shared information on his publishing plans for the title but not all fans are happy about it.

on the Rage 2 Pre-order, Bethesda offers access to the click and purchase followers; game digitally on Xbox One, PS4, or PC via Bethesda user. The site has a logical logo of Bethesda where the Steam logo, or even just a PC common logo, has been to keep trackers on to # 39; Believe that the game will completely steal Steam. Bethesda does not come out and reinforces the disagreement, but his / her. considered Map Unlock (Open) also avoiding Steam, it seems to be a very safe bet; there.

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Bethesda PC game fans are not happy about this decision, especially to discuss recent events. Earlier this week, the Bethesda support website suffered a huge security breakdown with those who included support tickets that were also able to see other people's ticket tickets. These support tickets included personal information (even names and addresses) and although the case was only alive for a short time, he left fans with concern.

This is not the only reason why people are worried. Map Unlock (Open)PC beta was also invested through the Bethesda Beginner and players who were unable to delete the beta were released if they did not buy the game. There is no beta for Rage 2 It will be confirmed so the same question will not be. But even so, fans are still worried that other technical problems could be just as difficult to be at risk.

However, to Bethesda, to offer the decision Rage 2 as a Bethesda producer and makes good business use. In particular, it does not allow Steam to be cut by a 30% cut of its income – a split of income that Epic Games has launched for the Epic Games Shop. Through the Bethesda Beginner, Bethesda does not have to compete with the competitors and can stimulate his games as he chooses. However, it is still seen if Bethesda has lost his sale as a result of Steam's scam.

Rage 2 Resolved 14 May, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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