Raiders statement card: Graduation crime, protection of Cardinals


GLENDALE, Ariz. – The Arizona Cardinals led the fourth verse with about five minutes left Sunday. Then they can not do anything wrong.

That gave three divisions of the Raiders at restart. Their first two attempts have included any place, as a seriously bad, and # 39; continue to be triggered during & # 39; war.

No matter. The offense gave the range to consider the third time.

Derek Carr's rectangle tried to put pressure on the front of that series; need to win, tell Rodney Hudson's center to "protect. We just play to take outside."

The Raiders played a playground and a & # 39; catch well into the visiting area. where Daniel Carlson received a 23-21 impact at Stadium State Farm with a 35-yard strike at his & # 39; gun.

That's what they expected before the final driver starts. Despite being & # 39; suffered to constantly play under pressure, the Raiders were a believe they would get the job.

"We believed that there was no doubt about its consequence," said Carr after his 15th post to come back a quarter. "There have been times where we believed but we did not win … Everyone was looking at the eyes, although it was a bit different for him & # 39; Hey, maybe this is our last chance. & # 39; "

Carr made it valuable.

He finished two short routes to get the first time, then he sent out the ball to stop his / her; clock. Carr was watching Marcell Ateman to see her. Breaking left on the next round and, with no regard to the retrieval's high quality, he put the ball in depth.

Ateman came with a large 32-yard reception that worked the Raiders into the boundaries of Cardinals – in his NFL just, there is less.

"He made one sort of hold, holding his legs there," said Carr. "He had to do that in the first start, his first game, with everything against her … He did his job, he received his mark Especially when I wanted to be there, and everything. He made a very good picture, and got a game ball to do it. It was really good. "

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Absolutely left and Carr bag just 25 seconds to work together. Then he correctly identified the defense behind Seth Roberts's cover ready for a blitz, and quickly got the ball to his / her; his keeper. Ateman and the musician Saeed Blacknall impeded those who had a good deal, a & # 39; allowing Roberts to split 20 yards up.

Roberts did not get out of her & # 39; boundaries, and the Raiders did not have enough time, which meant that Carr had to do it; To play a tour quickly to establish a Carlson visit with two seconds left.

The church ceilidh put him on, and he had a huge impact on his team after five losses.

"There's been a long time," said Carlson to journalists. "We kept removing away, and finally knew the rock was missing. It was very good, very sweet to do it. do. "

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