Railler Stadler is thought to have a total value of £ 4.1 billion


Stadler Rail have today published the scheduling forecast, the book-building process will begin next Monday. 40.25 million departments are delivered.

a & # 39; basic offer • includes around 35 million owned areas Peter SpuhlerThe main banks have also been added Over-allotments option bringing up to 5.25 million shares, representing 15 per cent of it burnt basic equals.

1.4 billion for Peter Spuhler

The price range for the Targeted Post was set at 33 to 41 Swiss francs per segment, representing a stabilization of about 1.155 to 1.435 billion Swiss francs basic offer and market capitalization around 3.3 billion to 4.1 billion francs.

This also means: t Peter Spuhler run against the IPO of 1.4 billion Swiss francs.

A market market view of 12 April

The Stadler flower is expected to grow up to 38.16 per cent before it works Over-allotments option (and up to 43.41 per cent, if any Over-allotments option fully used). SIX Exchange Swiss is expected to meet the Stadler division list and first trading day on or around 12 April, 2019.

Peter Spuhler A long-term Staler will remain after the IPO as the largest shareholder and Acting Chair.

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