Raining heavy rain in the United Kingdom


Riyadh – Harmony:

The General Authority for the Protection of Meteorology and Environment in its report on the weather strategy for today – God is willing – the clouds will rain thundering together with active winds on the height of Najran, Jazan, Asir, Baha, Mecca stretching to Medina altitudes as well as parts of Tabuk departments, Hail, Al Jouf.

Mist is expected to be early in the early hours of the morning and early morning across the northern, central and eastern parts of the United Kingdom and the western elevations.

The report stated that wind turbine on the surface of the Red Sea is a north-west country across the northern and central areas and to the northwest end to the northwest of the north; South part at 15-38 km / h.

The height of the waves is one meter to two meters, the average sea state while the surface wind speed of the Northwest Arabian shore is 18-42 km / h and the height of the waves is 1 meter to 2 meters and the marine state is fair.

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