Ralitsa took Paschalaleva to his sweetheart and – "Blitz


Ralitsa Paskaleva, who loves her for the seventh season of the series "Stolen Life", now known as "Love Heals", played "Telegraph and Writing".

Ralitsa Paschalale returns to "Stolen Life"! See also who's the new star!

This was clear from the extended search shown by the pre-production team before the first program of journalists on 26 February. A quadrangle reveals a love of love around Dr. Galia Stilianova, where her husband is on screen – Professor Zahariev will become a lollipop. Pascalle's character falls in love with a young and attractive man, however, who is in love with her. suffering a terrible event and responding as a patient to the new hospital in the St. Anastasia.

Kim Kardashian again! The show was almost notable (PICTURES 18+)

The statue of the image that was played by Ernestina Shinova is not so dramatic. Sofia Stamenova, which emphasizes the banned material but published by his colleague Dr Stefan Mazov.

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