Ramadan Sobhi is the Olympic team leader in the second friendship against Tunisia


Mohamed Magdy

Sunday 18 November 2018 – 6:44 PM
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Sunday 18 November 2018 – 6:51 PM

Shawki Gharib, the Olympics team coach, published that he would create a & # 39; game for the second Tunisia Olympic team, which will be held at the peace stadium.

Creating the team includes:

Keepers: Omar Radwan – Mahmoud Al Jazzar – Ahmed Ramadan Beckham – Osama Jalal – Akram Tawfiq – Mohamed Sadiq – Karim Nedved – Mohamed Mahmoud – Ramadan Sobhi Nasser Maher – Taher Mohammed Taher.

Although a Tunisian Olympic team Shukri Al-Khatawi published a technical coach that the game was set against Egypt.

They were created as follows:

Ghaith Al-Yafrani, Nasim Henaid, Jasser Al-Khumairi, Alha Salami Bahaa, Montaser Al-Talbi, Ahmed Al-Ridawi, Malik Baiou, Mohammed Amin Muskini, Ayoub, and Fakhri Al-Auji.

It is worth saying that the Tunisian team had influenced the Tunisian who was involved in a friendly 4-star hosting game. "Keep on"

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