Rammstein is about getting a shock with the Holocaust simulation of sharp judges


Recently the German music group Rammstein published a song and a new video called Deutschland (Germany), which created mixed answers with much resistance and criticism. Since the video is a symbol of the Holocaust, historians and many Jewish communities responded.

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The German rock band Rammstein has released a new song and video from the title Deutschland (Germany) has created a lot of dust in the public. The text of the story tells of the German people, their history and the future, but we can recognize that the Germans have survived all that happened to them and that they may survive everything in it. come.

Rev. Dave described the video as interesting and excitingPHOTO: You Tube

There was very little good, excellent, even imaginative material – with some instrument instruments, not common to Rammsteine. The biggest surprise is the video which the German actor makes Dava Durdena (he has been watching video on YouTube on YouTube and providing text and video footage) tis difficult, complex and even cinematic. ';

Felix Klein: "By Rammstein instead of the prisoners who were dying, they passed over."PHOTO: YouTube

The symbolism of Freemasonry, Medieval, the Divine, the Third Reich, the Holocaust, and the robots – all these ideas seem to be according to Durden's opinion of the complexity and complexity of the concept. , the deeper impact of the video. ';It features German, the present and the future … At least what I think … In particular, I see the symbol of the dark blue women as a sign. the future. Something interesting, inspiring … They also seem to have been associated with recent incidents with robbers – the German's total satisfaction with a direct migration policy was not directly competitive,said Dave.

Freemasonry, Third Reich, Holocaust, Robotics … manifesto a poemPHOTO: Profimedia

Although a German entrepreneur recognized a wider picture of videos and text, the majority of the world's population were horrified and highly directed to the births of Holocaust. Within a few hours of the official launch on YouTube, over six million people watched the video. Jewish communities said Rammstein had crossed the line with a red thread. Felix Kleinthe most senior German opponent of anti-Semitism, German Bless said:By making Rammstein's role as dying prisoners they crossed the border. If the reason for this video was to market as a marketing issue, I am sure that this is a positive message on freedom of art.. ';

Jewish historian was also believed Michael Wolfssohn, which developed his opinion by the words:This is a kind of necrophilia. Suddenly!';

Rammstein Music Group has not yet responded to criticismPHOTO: YouTube

Journal of Rosenberg, a spokesman for Yad Yasheme, a World Holocaust Memorial Center, urged musicians to behave towards everybody who suffered the Holocaust and those at the time. could be forced to stop violence and terrorism.

The music group did not officially confirm their criticism for this period, and did not explain its decision on this type of symbol in the video.

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