Ramón Ayala: "Some bustling poets do not have the word, which gives up the music measure"


Ramón Ayala (many artists born Ramón Cidade in Posadas, Misiones, March 10, 1927) late for the interview. Although his home occupies the first floor in the town of Buenos Aires in Balvanera with large frosted glass windows and painted walls covered with paintings. Litoraleano folklorist has a good cause: he recently fell and affected him to walk. The woman who opens the door is his wife, Maria Teresa, muse and a member of her beloved poems with her sixth book; start, Poems, stories and stories about the road, recently published by Universidad Nacional del Sur, which includes pictures by the author, and which is Sunday at 19 Ayala; donated at the CCK, where the author plays some of the songs from his music. The one who was; before The trenches in Paraguay, a lovely song about the Great War (2015), in the preparation of the National Culture Ministry, which recites in the Wars of the Twisted World War from different voices, including those of the author's mother, María Morel , not without Dominguito, son of Sarmiento who died at the Battle of Curupayty, also designed by Ayala himself.

Shoes and borravino shirt, hair and pulp are slightly lighter than the pictures Marcos López, director of the documentary Ramón Ayala (2013), who shows this note. Ayala is the author of more than 300 songs, some of which have been long-termed in the Argentinian famous song book, such as Cute Posadeña o The retailer, The history songs The watchlist, The According to the own Ayala in the story that opens its book, the Che Guevara He sang in the Sierra Maestra camp; o The cachapecero, woke up Mercedes Sosa. It's a feeling, a & # 39; sit down with difficulty and answer the questions in their own way, with the unavoidable gaps of memory, Introducing his answers with songs a chapel, rhythms marked with clocks to pictures, rhymes or words created at the time, scenes, memories of childhood. As the artist (and a special artist such as Ayala, who always worked as a gaucho) stopped being represented. Although it is in a fantasy setting.

– –It creates a rhythm, gualambao. Can you explain how it is? Is it like the chamamé?

– The side of a Latin rhythm, two with four, like tango or carnival, this is very coherent, is a rhythm of love. It is not near the chamamé, since the most important aspect of the invention that I believe in origin. If we go into the chamamé, we've lost, because we will always be the subjects. Here are kings. Because of who wants to play gualambao He has to come to us. Essentially there are three steps and it's paradise to th; in twelve with eight. Four hours later. It's a wide-ranging specimen. They asked me: how would you get this game-related rhythm? Where did you find, Ramón, those lines that are in the same? go to that point? And well, I said, there are things that are further afield. Everyone seems to think. No. It was done. We assumed that we were there, we took it. And here he is.

Then he will prepare the voice and build his / her; first thing Sing to the Uruguay River (gualambao)

– –Musician, poet, writer, painter and editor. If I needed to choose the word that is best described, what would it be?

– I think it would be fragile. No better: ultrasensibility. Not to want to let the laird (smile).

– –As well as creating a & # 39; Gualambao, he introduced the ten-string guitar. Did he do this as a means of bringing forward that new rhythm?

-Sa, as the guitar was something elegant, it was person weird and I can not break it. So I was going to play and again gualambao. I caught all of these emanations and I launched it. Because you need to take care of the body. If you do not listen to your body, you're lost.

– –He was some of his songs that he had; happened, they traveled and stopped being involved in some way.

They have even made me changes and they have done what they want to do. Because I'm generous with my work, and since I have a great deal of work, they are waiting to take off the feathers and the birds. As a man is part of the planet Planet, and when a sweetheart is on this planet, and to be born here, I do not know whether he or she is a co-operation or purpose. ; there. As someone would say: in that corner you need a language that says things of the earth. That is not the only thing that aims to generate or revive what has been done, but there are jobs on the Litoral that cause unrealized repentance, which is, for example, beautiful music and an amazing letter .

– –Another example would be someone like Horacio Quiroga, also a missionary. In your book you will be giving a poem. He took things from the ground.

He lived there. He died in Buenos Aires, but he did through the cruise in Misiones. What character he had. Yes, that was a "top master".

– –Speaking another "higher", and # 39; first story on his book, The other one, describing the Borges story, The other one. So their texts could be written in this dual heritage: Quiroga and jungle, Borges, the town and the villages. Because you are a missionary and live on her; Most of your life in Buenos Aires.

-The human beings that have come to this area and have been amazing, and some have returned without being able to send the division. I think the jungle is part of one and one as part of it. And there we escape and we are believe we are a citizen, we are far countries, Katé, as they say, of "division". But not what we are going to do. We are just part of this amazing land.

– –His book contains his first poem about love and is loyal to his wife, Maria Teresa.

-Tha these pieces have been creating a long time. And how everything that runs in one or around is marked or linked to love, when it is truly true and maintained. They are things that have natural orders. And when he says well, he is going to end, he is a. Looking badly, it's going badly, something strange is & nbsp; happening. Out that you need to achieve, if not, you'll understand another (smile).

– –Is that side, what humor, part of his personality?

That is that world funny. As you can see, I like to create words. Because the words are created, or not?

– –Another technique is the tenth "ayalianas". Good of ten verses …

-The complicated eight-ear verses. Part, hendecasyllables. The important thing is that they are good enough. I'll find music to words. Sometimes I note that there Some bards who do not bend the word, which is given by the music measure. Because music was born to the man. You have to be with her. Music and word must match couples because they are female. And his wife is the most beautiful event on her. planet.

– –And when did that taste come to raise stories? In his book Confessions from an amazing house, talking about a house when he was young, in Misiones, full of confidentiality. Is the source?

I was with my dad, and I did not know he was; die. The person was lying down. He had a disease called "tiricia" there. Bilingualism there. I was seven years old and suddenly I knew he was dying. I took her hand and said, "His old friend." At this time I understand what the image was; there. Now I have some unwritten years (laughter) that I can see it on its & # 39; wall and I say: "The Patriarch would sing it correctly". He was a young man, very handsome and friendly. It would be fifty years old at most. My mother was 30 years old when he died. And we were five children. And my mom played guitar and sang it. He was keen to write. He had a beautiful voice. There was no one to bend it. And he's happening to him: "And someone who's been playing sounds with bell sounds". That is Neruda. I was astonished. This old woman needs to be found, I was thinking. But because our lives are so resolved at times. Because the area you've been traveling says something else, she is constantly walking through these parallel pathways. So far, I sent me a recording, for a upcoming album, a song that says (singing Ramón Ayala): "White house, glorious years, the day and the love I gave you woke up, the white house of the old coquero, the fire of the earth …"After the death of our father, we moved, and when we were taking possession of the new house, their wives came out, warm and beautiful, one of them says to mother: "Maria, as you behave, you will be cured". I was scared, but the woman says: "Do not be afraid, the character is at home, and you can To achieve very important things here because you do not pay rent, they do it; lending you to the house. "And the house started to move." Then something started to appear in that house, what amazing thing the land is with hidden joy.

– –The land is very absent in its pictures and pictures, another word of its pictures as creator.

-This is the amazing side. I realized I could pull it, it worked well and I continued to. hitting it. In school, he had already made the teachers extraordinarily.

– –One of his brothers, José Vicente Cidade, is also a musician. And is Walas's father, Massacre singer.

-Yis, Vicente is the author of the words The watchlist. Walas suddenly appeared, or I suddenly disclosed my life. Something in the family is. My sister Juliet was also a singer. I used to sing tangos well. She died about 40 years of age. Poor daughter I was so sorry for the person who loved in his house, a family should be and be cared for. I was a boy who had been suddenly coming into a & # 39; sing and guitar and her & # 39; affecting it. I had often been calling deadly, I gave myself completely. I may have forgotten other things.

– –Have a girl too

– I've always been the important things that came down suddenly. And many of them focus on art. My daughter, a friend of the song, got a contract to go to Chile. And suddenly, he stopped writing to me and he did not send any letters to me. She is free. I never had anything for it.

– –What is his daughter called?

– Amanda is the name, as the song.

Ayala will sing: "I remember the wet street at Amanda …"And he thinks, & maybe, remember.

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