Rampage is designed in Mistelbach school: an 18-year-old test


Korneuburg, Mistelbach – Age 18-year-old faces examinations at Korneuburg on Wednesday for a lot of attempts on murder. It is said that the basic slave is planning to kill and burn spree in May on the front of a school in Mistelbach with a badly damaged picture for students. The accused person is in danger of up to 15 years imprisoned, a center was asked to ask for unlawful offenders.

Opinions on rampage are written down in a notebook

According to their prejudice, the boy grew up in spring 2018 with more interest in hunting in schools such as the rampage at Columbine High School in the United States. He wrote his thoughts in a notebook. The accused came to a decision that he could "do the same thing" and he chose the school's crime site in Mistelbach, who was present as the last. At the beginning of April, the man bought a 18-gun gun with 25 cartridges in a gun shop and then bought trousers and trench coats on an internet platform.

On 9 May, a day on which the basic servant was off, the accused agrees to bring the rampage into effect. He gave public transport to the school center in Mistelbach. At the entrance, he saw a student and killed his gun from about 25 meters away from his chrom. The 19-year-old cannon shot guns shot on the right of the face, his upper body on the left and on the left and was badly injured. The victim returned to the school building, where he received first aid.

At the time of crime

The 18-year-old tried at the same time the next page. Depending on the conviction, the case can not be removed from the removal of the barrel. After that he had been hitting and crashing. ran back to a park car where he placed a sack in his forehead. The hunter threw the accused away. He then went home, where he posted himself on the internet about the status of the continuous research. In the evening he went to Vienna and faced the police. At quiz, the 18-year-old identifies.

Depending on an expert's opinion, the defendant had been right at the time of crime. The risk of the accused person can not be retained but with severe mental health and psychiatric treatment. So the medical requirements for entering into a center for unintentional offenders under Article 21 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code are present. (APA)

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