Rape a 9 year old daughter and waiting for her father to go … to drink


On November 19, the Court of the People in Dak Lak province opened a lawsuit against the person despite Van Van (SN 1993, who lived in the Cu Mlan commune, the Supa Ea area) on "under 16 emergency costs"

Guardian Xu Van Son in court

Guardian Xu Van Son in court

According to her conviction, afternoon 13/6, her son with the D.V.D family (SN 1987, who lived in the same communion) had control over a drink but Mr D. was away. At this time, Mac, his son, DT. (SN 2009, daughter D.) sitting in the house with his son P.G.H (neighbors).

Seeing that H. Mac was very active, not so bad that H. ran away home. When Q and her son were at home together, Mac turned on her phone and watched the Q livelihood. I arrived to see it.

Mac with an animal, Mac is currently performing witchcraft with his son Q. Done, A son is a son; Stay home to Father Q. Father to continue drinking together.

Then, C. I told the parents about the incident and as soon as they reported to the authorities.

At a trial, Hua Van Son sentenced the sentence panel to 16 years in prison for "crime".

Thuy Diem

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