Rapper Kaz Bałagane was arrested! "The matter is bad"


Rapper Kaz Bałagane was arrested!

Last summer, there was a rap rap RPK Bonussentenced for drug trafficking. In the event, there were great fears, for the man had failed to apply for guilty and said he had suffered "statistics", not a reliable one. The bonus received the support of other artists, not necessarily related to rap: t Peja, Tede, Quebonafide, and even Jakub Żulczyk – took part in the action #MuremZaBonusem (PHOTOS)

On Monday, however, the matter began to be available on social media Kaza Messyanother man who was supposed to be arrested on Sunday. He was to stay for a few hours … refusing to arrest.

Kaz Bałagane played at the Wrocław Academy club at Grunwaldzka Street, where unmanned police cars were erected. Witnesses say that Kaz Bałagane was broadcast and place in a car that was used by officers with the Bureau of Principal Research.

Three cards gave him a sign. Famous and uzi in a hand – of the invention button Kryminalna Polska.

The problem began to arise when the police stopped the reports.

We didn't stop men in Wroclaw yesterday – providing the CBS with the media office.

Police from Wroclaw did not do these actions yesterday. We do not have information about other service activity in this area – added asp. puk £ ukasz Dutkowiak from the police in Wroclaw.

A rapper who secretly reinforced the information from other media on Instagram removed your circumstances.

We are in a poor position and if anyone has any doubt about whether or not Jacek's preservation is proof, I will be happy to speak to the lawyer's defense agent, as you can address your measurement t – she wrote. He has been very bad and has been keeping us awake for years. Dealing with damage.

Do you think holding Kaza so high about the case of Bonus RPK?

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