Rasa Nedeljkov sets for fair elections


It is good that the election conditions have returned to the citizen's focus, and most of them have contributed to the campaigns, RTA's director of Rasa Nedeljkov's program leader. This is a step in terms of making a consensus and a & # 39; trying to solve it, he said.

It is clear that we talk about a & # 39; Breaking down a system in all controls, he said.

Nedeljkov says that he is not a remote process in his / her. the election process for itself, but it is a system of related courts, in which the legislation, judiciary institutions, parliament, REM …

Ask whether institutions should give fair and fair elections, such as & # 39; Group for the Conflict Against Corruption and REM, to do their work, Nedeljkov is a " estimate that all the opportunities for these centers will be smaller and less able to do the job.

"There must be honest and honest people there, but it is the question of who impedes them, and they need to reinforce them, and here the clear movement is. Does the power want to disturb all of its weapons. Citizens, and citizens, the least they can afford, "he said.

As he said, if we go on this way, the elections will not be necessary, and REM will not be required. As far as RIK, the courts do not work freely, we can not talk about free elections.

It is a short time to set up a fair situation for free elections, but, Nedeljkov said, there is enough time to start with some things.

"The most important thing is citizen's confidence in the electoral system, much can be done to raise publicity," he said, asks the state's need to do everything to restore the voting candidate in the voters list.

Low cost voters' review is one of the things that a state can make to show that it is ready to fight for fair elections for elections.

"It's good that the election conditions have returned to the citizen's focus and that the complaints have been added. This is an opportunity to come to a consensus at least about the first step, to sit all of us at Are there something to say for a table, to deliver problems, offer solutions, we agree on this, and find solutions that work in action, "he finished.

The CRTA has opposed the criminal costs of those responsible in 11 public companies and authorities in several towns for abuse of office, as it was confirmed that their official vehicles were currently on the last election in Lučani.

Nedeljkov said that the elections in Lučani were the most democratic and free elections since that group had been, watching the elections a few years ago.

As he explained, it also makes it difficult to confirm who was in Lučani because there is no response to requests for information that is important to the public. He also stated that he hoped that Crte's submission would be issued.

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