Rates Dollars Thursday Updated in Egyptian banks and in the black market March 29 2019 .. t


We continued to list information every day Price of dollar In the Egyptian market and the black market, and the consequences of regulating the price of American money in the Egyptian market, we offer you a daily update to the dollar's latest green price, rises have risen since 2011 to unprecedented levels, with increased demand and reduced provision, leading to important work in the black market, and ahead of schedule. The decision to increase the exchange rate made the pound against the dollar in high prices to nearly 25 pounds, while positive data on the Egypt economy continued to grow and the fundraising boosted, Central Bank t Egypt was a constant, to improve the dollar exchange rate against Egypt, Tara rose from bank prices gradually to reach average prices of 17.30 pounds and black market activity reduced exchange rate t an average of 17.30 to 17.40 pounds.

US dollar cost now
Dollay Dollars today

Dollay Dollars today

  • Updated: The average sale price of a black market dollar had arrived at the average price for more than 6 months, recording 17.75 pounds. A law of supply and demand regulates the dollar in the Egypt market, the banks and the black market. T There was a profitability, and trade had a significant impact on the long-term sustainability of banks' green exchange rate and a gradual improvement to the economy and rises in cash reserves.
  • The price of entry dues for goods is set in order to match the price of the dollar in the Central Bank of Egypt, distributing the exchange rate of practice payments, such as currency, payments and mortgages. the price in the Egypt market in accordance with the law of supply and demand.
  • There was a significant reduction in the price of purchases on Egyptian banks on 27 January 2019 at the purchase price to over 22 pairs in some of the banks.

Today's dollar prices in Egyptian banks

Highest price to buy: 17.29

Abu Dhabi Bank

Minimum Price: 17.33

Arab International Bank

As a bank Purchase price Selling prices The last move from
Abu Dhabi Bank 17.29 17.38 one day
HSBC 17.28 17.38 one day
Housing & Development Bank 17.28 17.38 one day
National Bank of Kuwait NBK 17.28 17.38 one day
International Trade Bank (CIB) 17.28 17.38 one day
Business Development Bank 17.28 17.38 23 hours
Al Baraka Bank 17.28 17.38 7 hours
Suez Canal Bank 17.28 17.38 5 hours
Credits Agricole 17.28 17.38 one day
National Bank Kuwait (Piraeus) 17.28 17.38 3 hours
Egyptian Gulf Bank 17.28 17.38 3 hours
National Bank of Greece 17.28 17.38 23 hours
Audi Bank 17.27 17.37 one day
Arab Italian Domain Bank 17.27 17.37 23 hours
Arab Savings Bank 17.27 17.37 7 hours
Egyptian Export Development Bank 17.27 17.37 6 hours
Mashreq Bank 17.27 17.37 3 hours
Bank Bloom 17.27 17.37 one day
African African International Bank 17.27 17.37 one day
Iran's Banque Misr Development 17.27 17.37 one day
The Egypt Agricultural Bank 17.26 17.36 one day
Bank of Alexandria 17.26 17.36 one day
United Kingdom Bank 17.26 17.36 35 minutes
Arab International Banking Company 17.26 19.57 7 hours
Bank of Egypt 17.26 17.36 one day
National Bank of Egypt 17.26 17.36 one day
Central Bank of Egypt 17.25 17.39 36 minutes
Arab International Bank 17.23 17.33 3 days

Cost of the dollar at the Central Bank of Egypt

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) is the main decision on the exchange rate of official dollars in banks. , The purchase price of 17.86 pounds and the sale price of 17.97 pounds.

US common currency movement in 6 months


The best purchase book from Audi Bank and best sales from Arab Bank International Bank ended at 17.33 pounds

The green cycle on Thursday, opening the best purchase from ADIB at 17.29 pounds, and the best sale from Arab International Bank opened at 17.33 pounds.

Egypt's green market money is linked to supply and demand law, as the currency exchange rate on Egypt is for all money, as well as average investments in foreign exchange. of the dollar. Against the pound, and move to decrease in the medium.

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