RAW WWW Results November 26, 2018


MINUTE on November 26

WWE RAW Milwaukee, Wiscounsin

Reporters are Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young.

– The RAW RAE display that starts with Cole will welcome us We found the Baron Corbin, Drew MacIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush in the circle. Corbin says he hopes that everyone has won from a Thanksgiving House. Decorated potato, pumpkin and other calories. They do not have to keep their bodies in the best shape. Now he wanted to tell us what he is grateful. He is grateful for his position as General Manager. Lashley says that he is grateful to those who spend their time on the sunny morning long. as it takes it. MacIntyre says he is grateful for his presentation to Braun Strowman. Corbin says that it's a minute that will last forever. We see a video of the last Monday when Clann Corbin attacks Braun Strowman, a summary of the exhibition here. Corbin says we will not see Strowman for a long time in the RAW.

Corbin says he sent a crew a camera to the hospital to hear what Strowman had said before work. We will present video from the beginning of today. Strowman says he is waiting for his position in Alabama for his alley. Those in Milwaukee will get revenge. The doctor tells him that he will be circulated for a long timebut the doctor did not work on such a arm. He does not know. Strowman says he will return to 100% and he will lose his wound as a paper break against Corbin, Lashley and McInytre. The three hands will be! Back in the circle, Corbin says it is impossible for Strowman to be released with the doctor for TLC. It's a good thing, the fight fails and earned a TLC contract to become a permanent General Manager. So it's time for the Superstars to choose and do it; stand up and face. We have a TLC choice.

The lights are closed. Corbin will try to open the lights or someone will burn! Elias is on the scene and says that he has been around the world and there are still trousers. But for some reason Lashley, Corbin and McIntyre are still not aware that WWE is in a position; means Walking With Elias (Walk with Elias). Elias says he can not think anything worse than seeing Corbin GM standing. It would be even better than even Lio Rush, children's work. Even Drake Maverick that pisses would have been better. He would like to talk about Bobby Ordure (Trashley) with his song now. Elias sang, if we are singing; Feeling sad, it could be worse if we're Bobby Lashley. Bobby Lashley is bad, bad, bad, we understand his / her; point, Lashley is bad.

– Back after the breakdown, the fight is a & # 39; start.

– Singles Series

Bobby Lashley along with Drew MacIntyre, Baron Corbin and Lio Rush vs. Elias

At the end of the fight, Elias is Lashley's cover for her & # 39; winner, but Lio Rush broke the referee down the ring to stop her & # 39; counted! The referee will disqualify the fight stop. Corbin sends the microphone and says he did not forget to say "No Dq!" Mrs. there!

Winner: Elias by way of disqualification

– There is no match of difference

Bobby Lashley along with Drew MacIntyre, Baron Corbin and Lio Rush vs. Elias

At the end of the fight, Elijah must have the command of MacIntyre at the bottom of the ring. Elias gets her guitar and her & # 39; to return to the ring, but Corbin is likely to hit it in a & # 39; behind! Lashley breaks guitar Elias at his feet. Corbin will continue to & # 39; chaired Elias. They then put Elias on the face of the bank. Mac an t-Saoir a 's weather with Alabama Slam on her; steel step! Lashley is brought back to the ring and is covering it for her & # 39; impact by setting the position.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

– Back in the wings, Baron Corbin decides to determine WWE technology. Alexa Bliss comes and says it was really good. She wanted to tell him that Corbin is doing a good job and she is here for help. Corbin says that after that which would be performed at a perfect Survivor Series if I can share in the RAW women section. Bliss says he's really big. Corbin says it's also like. Both hands chrom.

– A video about the story is displayed between Rollins and Ambrose. Behind the scenes, Dean Ambrose is a doctor's office. Ambrose says he's not going to show it in the city of Milwaukee today. Seth Rollins can be secure because he will not be there for the Open Challenge. But next week it's here! Ambrose says that there is a flu, so he wants his vaccine. He did not want to meet new people. Sometimes he thinks he needs a vaccine for Ebola and others. Now it's ready, even the face of Houston's guys. Ambrose gets a vaccine in the lower back and says he'll get Rollins out of pity forever.

– Back, the revival comes. Wilder said the week they were ready to fight in two traditional traditions, not fighting for three to two. Dawson says they do not know anything about respect. They show they have no space in their area.

– Tag Tag Team (Fight Rules)

Lukas House Party (Golden Lace, Great Metalik and Calcist) The revival (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson)

At the end of the battle, Kalisto made Salida Del Sol, Metalik and Senton and Dorado presses Press Press in Dawson for three and Wilder still had a sound since his last revelation.

Winners: Lukas House Party

– Back, we're uploading a video about Lars Sullivan.

– Nia Jax arrives in the ring with Tamina. Nia Jax says there are many things that we can be grateful for this year. As influenced by the RAW team at Survivor Series. I would like to be grateful for her breaking the face of Becky Lynch with promise. The person can not compete against the & # 39; facebreaker & # 39; At TLC it will be called Ronda Rousey. She came here above, but from her job she flows. Nia Jax has started playing sport on Ronda Rousey saying that a real warrior is still standing after Beating as a Survivor Series. Rousey faces the worst day of his life at TLC. Ronda Rousey comes into the box and says that Fortunately, the Royal Battle was winning Evolution for chance, Our fortune was coming from this Samoach family and we were fortunate to be able to go. face break. Rousey says that she will continue to go to her. arm and take hold of his hands and then hit him with Charlotte Flair. Rousey invites Nia to fight if she is available. Nia says they do not do that like that. She can hit her here, but her broken is not yet ready. Rousey says that there are enough apologies. Tamina comes to Rousey, Natalya comes to her rescue, but Riott's team comes from the crowd to phone Natalya on the ramp! The Squad Riott fled and Rousey helps Natalya rise.

– Behind the scenes, Drake Maverick says that 99% of people never had a great deal of fright. Be a face of seven feet. He personally ensures that Roode and Gable are feeling scared tonight.

– Back, the luts come.

– RAW Tag Team Competition – Tag Team Competition

Author of Pain (Akam and Rezar) (c) with Drake Maverick vs Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

At the end of the fight, Drake Maverick will steal Bobby Roode's badrobe and take it to the toilet to be on. We see it on the TitanTron, Roode has been pulled. Rezar was given the opportunity to put Roode on Gable and Akam took the tag for the combination of TKO and Powerbomb on Roode for three.

Winners: Author Authors

– Behind the scenes, Sasha Banks and Bayley's conversation, but Alexa Bliss comes. Bliss says she would not be in charge of the department unless it was for Banks and Bayley her team at Survivor Series. Banks want to go away. Bliss says she does not have to say every time. Bliss says she wants the two to come to the forum for a forum where fans can ask them.

– Back, behind the scenes, Fionn Balor says Baron Corbin was saying he had to make a decision between him or not. Tonight he will stand up and go; fight for the best way he believes.

– Curt Hawkins is said to replace Braun Strowman for his Mixed Match Match competition.

– Singles Series

Ember Moon with Curt Hawkins vs. Alicia Fox along with Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers

At the end of the fight, Moon will be doing his Fox on Eclypse for three minutes.

Champion: Ember Moon

– After the fight, No Way Jose is celebrated by Moon and Hawkins.

– Back, the fight begins.

– Singles Series

Jinder Mahal with Singh Brothers vs. No Way Jose

At the end of the fight, Mahal rejects Jose and gives him full Nelson Slam for her. three.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

– Back, Seth Rollins gets to & # 39; Circle and greet us to Rollins Night Monday. Ambrose came here saying he was the madman. We are better than that. So it's about to start & # 39; international fighting to fight again. Do Dean Ambrose, that's enough to watch everywhere. Ambrose said he would not be here tonight, but he is sad and a warden, so Ambrose is hidden here. But it's not important because it's Seth Rollins and it's time for the Open Challenge! Dolph Ziggler is coming and says he's happy to have been Rollins; to see it again. Rollins's heart was no longer here from the Ambrose detection. If Rollins is returning to the old man, he'll go to it; going to do what he's doing best, he'll lose it. Tonight is the best thing in the world and the Intercontinental Championship.

– Intercontinental Competition – Singles Type

Seth Rollins (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

At the end of the fight, Ziggler gets on the corner, but Seth Rollins is dropped by Falcon Arrow for three.

Winner: Seth Rollins

– Back, this is the time of the discussion forum. Alexa Bliss comes and says that she is currently in & # 39; respecting the management of the RAW Women's Department. She wanted to give us the opportunity to ask Sasha and Bayley questions to find them out. Unfinished, we can ask what we want. Sasha Banks and Bayley come. Bliss asks fans to raise their hands for questions. Charly supports a fan and her. ask what she would do to change the department. Bayley says she will not change dad, they just want to get a chance. Sasha says that you'd like to take the Bliss ass to SmackDown. Bliss asks what he is & # 39; From a warrior to a simple partner. Bayley says she does not agree, she would like to put her bliss into her hell! Alicia Fox, Mickie James and Dana Brooke come from the crowd to hit Bayley and Sasha! Bayley and Sasha are finally able to get the three luts from the ring.

– Back, Balor comes first.

– Singles Series

Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin

During the battle, Corbin will take the micreofon and say Balor is back. Corbin says the fight is now a Handicap Match 2 against 1! Drew MacIntyre is coming.

– Match match

Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin and Drew MacIntyre

MacIntyre smuggled the fight as soon as he arrived and he did it. Chick Claymore for three.

Winners: Baron Corbin and Drew MacIntyre

– After the fight, Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush arrive. Lashley is a ruler of Balor! Corbin is designated by End of Days. MacIntyre ends with the Claymore War. The show will be completed by the trio.

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