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Designed for stealthy stealthy operation, the new Razer BlackWidow Lite's mechanical keyboard is just released. Holding a different approach to its & # 39; current movement of high game genes, BlackWidow Lite does not have RGB actions. The keys are really back, although there is one bright LED behind each cover.

The keyboard is designed for users who mix work to play. Although RGB lights can be fun and attractive, it can get in a way of working. According to Razer:

On average, you must spend 1/3 of your life. It's time to reconsider the tools you use every day – meet the BlackWidow Lite Razer. It will reduce a quick response to play with contaminated features to be skilled for the office. High-performance keys will meet o-ring sound dances, and bright LED brightness, and & # 39; keep you focusing and product as long as you are going to; failure even in the final hours.

The new mechanical keyboard that will burn a Razer & Orange will have a & # 39; responding tactile between the middle of each way. As this keyboard makes it very difficult to be very hard, the hooked hooks are designed to be quiet, compared to many other mechanical tools that we have re- inspected in the past. Each key is rated at more than 80 million passwords, ensuring that the keyboard upsets up to years and years of impairment of play.

BlackWidow Lite Main Specifications

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