Razer ferry staff from a mobile department


Razer's hard-working performance company has confirmed that it will allow a number of staff to move from their mobile department, and others will be re-enrolled to other new projects. Despite the cut, in a statement Marketing, Razer spokeswoman said that his company still has a # 39; saw "great opportunities" in the mobile playground, and thus created by Razer's mobile phones. He said that her company will continue to & # 39; This sector investment through a variety of software and software initiatives.

"We are working on exciting new mobile projects and we'll share news when we're ready. The Razer Phone 2 is still on sale and we are committed to supporting it with The latest updates and news, "said the spokesperson. According to a number of media statements, Razer stated that "some" closing down "some of his projects and that he had to put 2% of his total staff" to re-direct his & # 39; group to strengthen growth "and" provide media to focus on key projects and profit development ". Marketing has come to Razer on his redeployment plans, and if the marketing department is affected.

Just this week, in an email to customers, Razer Game Store said he would be closed on 28 February at 1700 as part of his "reorganization plans". The statement said that its company will invest in other ways to deliver large content and bring game improvements through their online Razer Gold online credit system.

Although there is no other marketing email from Game Game Razer, the Razer ID and any email content will still work at Razer and its partner sites. Razer wants to delete client data with any other Razer Game Store partner who does not work with it.

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