RD has banned gambling drugs trying to highlight problems in an area / day


"Riga City Council's decision to ban all the hall halls in the Riga administrative area takes away from the real problems of Riga City Council. Again, the gambling industry is used to make its political party. T said the society, better before the forthcoming elections, "said the society. t

Meanwhile, the Latvian Games Industry Association revealed that this was in essence on the principles of legitimate expectations and the proportionality and disruption of Latvia's industrial environment.

The Society also noted that such a decision from Riga Town Council was not discussed by the gaming industry and no investigation of its potential impact could be made. T community and the business environment. "Such a decision can not affect other areas that interact with the industry. With the planned constraints, the right to property owned outwards will be to mark the 105th anniversary of the Satversme, indeed, the entrepreneurs are being banned from continuing with the industry, "said representatives of the Latvian Industry Association.

Representatives of the group also indicated that Riga Town Council does not have the right to accept issues that come within the competence of the legislation, because the legislator did not want to delete it completely, but t manages the department closely, which also ensures protection for society or players and those who do not.

“The gambling industry is again used to collect voters' votes. Before the Saeima elections, this new theme was used by the New Conservative Party, but now with the crowds 'Closing the acting halls in Riga!' Nils Ushakov is preparing for the European Parliament electionsReconciliation). Rather than dealing with the actual problems of the Rigans, such as the hard streets of Riga or the wide spread of "Rīgas satiksme", Riga City Council's leadership with Usakov chooses to hide behind a problem and escape from Riga said to be a warm place in the European Parliament, "said Latvian Councilor Vērzemnieks.

He noted, in the society's assessment, that such a tender would offer the company a test that it would not be possible to believe and a principle of proportionality would not be considered, because of the unfairness to the legitimate aim of its players, t may be given by other less restricted methods.

“In addition, the question is whether it is the purpose of the Riga Council to protect the players, as it can be arranged in four-star and five-star hotels, so the aim will not be achieved, "said the Latvian Industry Association adviser.

Vērzemnieks said that Riga City Council did not notice that the Ministry of Finance had resolved at the end of 2018, which would mean that the closure of gambling halls in Riga would no longer be appropriate, as changes to the Law on Gambling and Lotteries had been ordered. T that anyone they wanted to go further from gambling, was able to include themselves in a single state-run table, and the organizers have to stop there. The creation of gambling anywhere in the Latvia area for at least one year – has been played in sports halls, casinos and interactive games.

“This means the person affected by the campaign will be affected or used as a medium and effective tool for promoting gambling. By banning gambling halls across Riga, Riga Town Council will take the risk of bigger citizens, as some players move to illegal gambling. "areas where they are not protected", he said.

Vērzemnieks also noted that, notwithstanding the changes to regulations, the licenses issued by Riga Town Council had been in operation for many years but had not been seen by Riga Town Council for any license reasons. therefore, gambling organizers would be responsible for not having the licenses deleted and that morale would be highly regarded.

The Latvian Games Industry Association is inviting representatives of Riga and Ushakov Town Council to carefully consider plans for shutting gaming centers in the historic heart of Riga and housing estates. The society notes that this decision is not only a negative influence on state and local government budgets, but also legal risks and contributing directly to the growth of the shaded economy.

The LETA Group has already reported that Riga Town Council plans to close the playing halls in the whole administrative area of ​​the castle – both in the center and in the surrounding areas.

Usakov ordered that the Legal Service, in co-operation with the Town Development Department, must prepare a draft decision regarding the consent to open gambling halls and remove any compliance in a full administrative area. T Riga, except hotels of four and five stars.

The preparation of the specified law is given if a gambling arrangement in a particular area is causing serious disruption in the interests of state residents and the appropriate administrative area, the constituent local government has the right to determine. We encourage the installation of the Casino, a gambling hall, bingo hall, gaming, or arrange or arrange a bet. appropriate accommodation.

It is also reported that the comhairle carried out in the autumn of 2017, a decision in the next five years to remove 42 square halls in the historic center of Riga and its defensive zone, and also in the landscape of mixed buildings. Since 2001, no permits were granted at Riga to open a new sports hall.

The Latvian Industry Association represents the interests of companies working in the gaming industry sector in the public and public sectors and its aim is to promote the overall development of the Latvian gambling industry and its use of responsible gambling. The society has 10 members, at present, who are the main players in the Latvian gambling industry.

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