Re-establish the first organization of an HIV-positive donor in the United States


>> AIDS submitted by a majority without knowledge or remedy

From left to right: Dorry Segev, Nina Martinez and Christine Durand at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, 28 March. Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

Nina Martinez, 35, gave a head to an anonymous person at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Hospital. The work took place on Monday, 25 March and the news was announced on Thursday, 28 March.

"I feel good“He explained to the young woman that she seemed to be enjoying every smile at a hospital news conference.It's good that there is good news, because there are many problems with HIV today".

Does the person discover the name anonymously?who is doing well"Christine Durand, professor at Johns Hopkins Medical School, says;

Since the introduction in 2013 of a federal law by Barack Obama, members of HIV-positive orders can be imported into HIV-positive receptors – which is the truth. , also receiving organs from HIV-negative people, just like any other patient on an HIV-positive list. waiting.

But people with HIV, in good health, could not give the hook for someone they loved or anonymously. Doctors were afraid that the same possibility of suffering with depression and HIV could be antiretroviral drugs.

But a large survey carried out by the researchers showed that the threat was almost zero, and that the hospital was given permission in 2016 to carry out its first transplant. ”she lives".

First, Nina Martinez, who lives in Atlanta, wanted her husband to be given to a friend, but after his death, and affected by the program of the Anatomy, she alerted her to the hospital. They can apply. "I knew they were waiting for me“Nina Martinez explained.

"People living with HIV are now open to black donors"said Dorry Segev, the surgeon who brought Nina's black."Thirty years ago, the disease was one of death. But now someone with HIV can save lifeAnd he rejoiced.


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