Re-establish the first organization of an HIV-positive donor in the United States


An HIV-positive woman's shock that sent someone else with HIV in Baltimore, USA this week, the first time according to doctors, was a possible failure to fill the organs.

Nina Martinez, 35, gave a head to an anonymous person at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Hospital. The work was carried out on Monday and the news was announced on Thursday, 28 March.

"I feel good"the young wife, laughing good health, said at a hospital news conference. "It feels good that you have good news, because there are many problems with HIV." For the anonymous tenant, whether he or she is "doing well"Christine Durand, professor at Johns Hopkins Medical School.

Since the introduction of 2013 federal law by Barack Obama, members of the HIV-HIV virus can be ordered to receive HIV-positive reactions from HIV-HIV victims. organs could also be given from HIV-negative people, like anyone else on the list. waiting.

But people with HIV, in good health, cannot give their hook for someone they loved or unknown. Doctors were afraid that the same possibility of suffering with depression and HIV could be antiretroviral drugs. But a major survey carried out by researchers found that the threat was almost zero, and that, in 2016, the hospital was given permission to carry out its first revival.

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