Read the instructions below before going to your shops on Friday Fridays


On Friday, Slovene traders are preparing a black Friday or Black Friday, when they are preparing for a discount. Black Friday will be held annually on Friday November, when traders fell for one day only for the start of sales fever and reducing the decline in December. According to the Shlovakia (ZPS) Association of Societies, in response to a black Friday in the United States in 2005, Web or Cyber ​​Monday, mostly for electronic and computing materials, gave discounts to the offer at the end of November, usually retailers (online)

Are the prices the lowest or are they laughed?

But are there the lowest prices at this time? ZPS recites that they are in the British consumer group What last year has seen that 60 per cent of the prices offered by retailers in a free course on Friday are no longer lower throughout the year. In half of the cases, the prices on the December sales had reduced the lowest.

Although some of the donations on Friday a Friday are very good, they are not as good as their first sight. So, the ZPS warns you to get on sales fever on Friday, it is important that you make good selling for online sales. And that is why the Consumer Union has gathered some of the tips that merchants can help at a Friday shop fever.

1. Planning is important

Sign in to your newsletters, check social networking. Many times the news gets a day-to-day discounts before the official black Friday.

2. Start the black Friday … as early as Thursday

Although the doors of the classic stores are open only at 9:00, online merchants do not rest. If you want to make a big deal, it's good to do it as quickly as possible. Online discounted or discounted online tenders will usually start midnight and the best deals will be on sale quickly.

3. Investigate with other traders: do not include the level of compensation, there is an important price

It is important that you look at the price for your product in at least a few weeks or months. This way you know if the offer on a Black Friday is very good. And not just for one trader, but also for a competition.

Some Slovenian traders online also offer to & # 39; lowest possible price. If you find another seller & find & # 39; lower price, co-ordinate it. Use websites to compare prices and price movements over the last few months

4. Sign in to your site and add the contents in a basket

On Friday, many online traders have more traffic on the site, so they will work slower or at any time. Sign to the page and add the items you want to buy in the basket. You can do the shopping process faster.

5. Find out how much information you can about what you can

Price is favorable, but what about the quality of the product? Are you happy with it? It will keep what you expect. It is important to get as many information as possible before purchasing, especially if it comes to more expensive results.

6. Is (really real) a unannounced band buying very good?

We do not realize that the results of less well-known brand brands are lower, but the known names from the electronic world of consumers, mobile telephony and computing science are not as bad. Black Friday is a great opportunity for many traders to be able to clean stock of non-stuffed items; sells well or customers are returning because they are not happy. And because TV is 4K and HDR at the TV, it is not essential that the picture is as good as the best models on the test, they say on the ZPS.

7. Not really the latest model, but it's still a good choice

Especially in terms of technical materials, manufacturers every year submit a new model for a special phone, board or TV. As ZPS exams appear, old modules are not always worse than the previous ones, but their prices are much lower. So if you do not mean much in & # 39; your pocket or sack to carry the latest model of the phone or the tablet, or the latest model of the television is hanged on its & wall – in one way, new models are available for a year – you can save yourself without buying the last model.

8. Use your phone number

Do not want to buy online and do you want to shop in a classic store? But use the phone. Check online prices before buying. If online prices are lower, ask the seller to discount.

9. Do you change your mentality? The offer is not as good as you expected?

If the product is not what you expected, you will be able to return to its merchant within 14 days of purchase of the internet, and must return your purchase price. Many online retailers have a longer date for returning results, but make sure that this applies to Friday.

If you've bought purchases in a classic store, you do not have to go back to the product merchant because nothing is wrong. Yes, indeed, good business practice.

10. Do not forget about cyber Monday and December discounts.

Did you miss the offer? As we wrote at the first outbreak: there is a good opportunity for prices to be even lower in the days ahead.

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