Read the wife of the wedding groom of adultery of her & her; wedding


The wedding story is named by Casey Welsh, receiving ten thousands of sections and ideas. She and her husband, Alex, have been together for six years, and their relationship is strong. So, when he learned that he was just getting an hour before the service, she was horrified.

"Last night before the day of my marriage, I went out with my friend friends, and my phone broke, but the messages I received were not what I wanted, it caused me to suffer and change absolutely, everything.

My strange phone sent me a message: "For me, I would never marry this person. Are you still for her marriage?

After that, I received lots of phone screening messaging, and recording my husband's wild conversation with another woman. Both had a genre, and they had been running for months.

I was so horrible and so impressive and I realized that he was a fool; when I was reading their messengers to their & # 39; Master: & # 39; This weekend. Only yourself and me. Everything was prepared & # 39 ;; And you're so hot, attractive & # 39 ;; "I'm sorry for me. I never knew this before.

The bride's wife will read the wall's message to all the guests. Photograph:

The bride's wife will read the wall's message to all the guests. Picture: sailing.

Each word like thousands of a knife would blow my heart. In just a couple of hours a wedding will start. How can I cancel everything off, all paid? Why does that do that for me?

I threw it into your tears. My friends advised me to talk to Alex and I sent her wedding. But I do not want it. I was awfully, tough, angry, so I did not call it.

I decided to go to bed but I could not sleep all night. I decided to inform everyone in a real sense of Alex.

The day after wearing a wedding dress in the dream, I am going to; Feeling every step is heavy. The wedding dress is now just the clothes. Alex just thought something was confused, he did not know what his / her; going on.

When the guests came as a whole, I gave a deep breath and said, "Today, there will be no wedding. Alex is not the person I expected.

Alex gave my hand. But I threw the wedding flower on the floor and I built on my phone and read a message to all of them. Alex had nothing to say and then left the church quietly. His family feared.

I have to face the guests again. I say that there will be no wedding today, but instead it will be a celebration of credit and honor. "

After sharing Casey's story, she found a lot of sympathy from everyone: "This is worthy of being treated like this"; "It has to be hurt, but it's a wise decision."

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