Real (Madrid) defeated Rome 2-0 as a guest in the European League


Real (Madrid) defeated Roma 2-0 as a guest and got the first place in the European League G Group. Olympiacos aims to work Gareth Bale (47) and Lucas Vasquez (59).

In the morning, the "white" 12 point collected and it was not available at the top. Wolves remain second with 9 points. There are 4 points in Victoria (Pilsen) and CSKA (Moscow).

The Italians can regret their case after the events are on the # 39; park in the first part, and at the end of half, Jangigi left a few meters on the empty door.

Roma - Real (Madrid) 0-2


Roma – Real 0: 2, Vasquez to duplicate

The duel is very important to the first place in the group

The duelle started with more active activities with the guests. In the 7th minute, Kolarov's powerful vision passed over the door. Shortly after that, Uderd turned to the right, but Carvalhal hit the El Shaarawi ahead.

In the 20 minutes Robin Olsen was convinced that he was very good and he saved his goal from the goal. Luka Modricch was a border attack; He hit the Benmesem base but hit the back of Sweden.

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In a 26 minute minute Justin Kluivett came on El Shaarauwi instead of a & # 39; get a ball to a good condition but to fire unsuitable.

Between the 32th and the 34th minute before Kurtoa there were a number of dangerous situations, but a Roma player could not have a score. Ultimately, Kolarov flew hard at the door.

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Over the first half, Jengizi Pas passed an unstable pass. Carvalhal was wrong, Nicolo Zaniolo took a ball and passed a parallel pass for the Turkish shield, which was burned at the roof of four meters on the empty door.

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The second best part began for "whites". Federico Facio gave the ball to Garrett Bale, who played the game skilfully and screwed a thumbnail of corner in the left corner for 0: 1.

Shortly after, Karvahal stopped the dangerous blow of Zaniolo. In a minute, Kurthoa Kluwer took.

Two minutes after the second time. Ballach goes into the area where Benzema took the ball to Lucas Vasquez and the Spaniards were circulated in the goal for 0: 2.

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In the 61 minutes Robin Olsen got the dangerous accident at Marseilla at the borders of the penalty area. Four minutes later, a Swedish guardian had to save a powerful saving of Benzema.

At a 76 minute minute, Kolarov tried a penny from a distance, but Kurthoa was cautious and caught.

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At the end of the game, try Valverde Reserve for a & # 39; classics, but Fasio dropped his case.

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