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Can you buy a car, buy a house

To confirm this, Mr. N.V. Hung, from Star City, to a café called 56 Bach Dang Street's Craft Shop, Ward 2, Tan Tan Binh, HCMC. After drinking an Avocado cup with a 42,000 VND price, Mr Hung sent his WWR membership envelope to his / her. Register money (such as bank POS devices) for payment. However, users can only extract their carts with only 30% of the money in the WWR money, 70% of money. "Now go to your mobile software and a new WWR payment payer. When the process is complete, the phone will tell you to withdraw money as an ATM card. & # 39; the base and what their cart & cart account is 100%, 30% of the WWR, "explained Hung.

The staff at the hot pot and barbecue staff (Street No. 10, Ward Php Ward Hiep, Thu District, HCM City) also said, using VND, users can use WWR, the only Pay money in this restaurant. When the service users use, if they have a WWR membership card, they will be paid 100% in the WWR.

These are the first two bases introduced by Star City Corporation in the "system system" of " Wonderful WWR money in Vietnam. Nguyen Manh Cuong, senior director of a Vietnam market project, Currently WWR is only tied to the world's bigger armies such as Mercedes, BMW in Germany, and KIA South KIA, Japan is Honda and Toyota … The bank is connected with large banks to ensure that the user is. "The money we grow in ecosystems is the usual money. WWR will be used in investment in the world and when participating In WWR you do not have to spend too much time and money on it all over the world, "he said.

It can be restricted for criminal liability

Mr Phan Dung Khanh, Director of Investment Council at Maybank, Kim Eng Vietnam: Usually, profit commitments are more than three times a bank interest rate is a "patient" fraud. Real Money WWR was awarded to ten thousands of profits, more likely to be fraudulent. If easy to eat, banks, other business lines are removed, investors should be aware of this.

Commitment is also committed to bringing gifts, car donations, home from abroad. According to numbers, 99% of equalities issues are in debt. An international policeman also gave a warning about this when his & her; The company was a prestigious conference, as the crowd was packed up before the workshop. Invites singers and celebrities to go to; come in to create trust and raiders, "Khanh advised and added, to spend real money for air tickets, buy goods, property acquisition, motorcycle, motorcycle, cars, food service … (assuming that no legislation is banned), in some countries it is possible, in accordance with the agreement between the issuing company and those companies S Post-Even But this country is very rare, the nature of advertising is the main thing.

At this time, Vietnam's Bank of State, bitcoin and other similar money is not like a legal payment in Vietnam. Therefore, there is a ban on spreading, supplying, using bitcoin and other similar real money as a payment method. The Government also has given Statute 96 of administrative taxes in the finance and banking department, and its issuance, and & quot; Providing and using bitcoin and similar simulations. Guilty of 150-200 million VND. From 1 January 1818, actions that are delivered, can be deleted. Provision of a currency liability, bitcoin and other permanent monies can be charged with the criminal liability claim.

To get a home, it will get 80 – 85% of the profits

Ngo Thi Thanh Nhung, deputy director of Star City, said that he was $ 50,000. If the land and the room are near the deposit sum, the company will have a " keeping profits. 80 – 85% and buyers only receive about 15 – 20% of profits. When I asked more questions about the project, where you could go to; Seeing the general deputy director, he said he was waiting more clearly than the top because the information was left.

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