Reason of shortage of money, a speed speed of 34,000 billion is just ready to be broken


The reason for slow and non-efficient investment

"About 23% of the agreed annual budget for the transport sector. The Ministry of Transport does not operate from 2016 to 2020 to implement any new projects, just pay the capital buildings, and the project is complete. "

This is one of the reasons why Nguyen Nhat, Deputy Transport Minister, said "transportation is slow."

The Ministry of Transport wants to make the North North Northwest rail but does not have money.

According to the Ministry of Transport, ministry of the North-South express rail project VND55,000 billion, and VND51,000 billion will be transferred from investors and banks. 3 projects are budgeted, 8 BOT projects (state holders and stock companies). The state supports 38-40% to & # 39; including permission for owners to feel that the risk is not.

"The Ministry of Defense for the third quarter of 2019 is to start the 8 BOT projects. In the second quarter of 2019, three state budget projects were set up," said Nguyen Nhat at – on 13 November, organized by the magazine magazine.

The BOT road has been familiar with the "hundred flowers of flowers", now coming into the border. A description of her & # 39; BOT project, Dinh Van Nha, Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly's Finance Committee, sent sympathy to investors.

Speaking, "Over the past 10-20 years, BOT reservoirs have been the devil," said Dinh Van Nha, who said the price of services is one of the constraints.

"The cost of providing infrastructure services, social conscience is considered to be a tax charge. I am very aware that when the Ministry of Transport has moved from the taxpayer. The Society will increase higher taxes when the road is better. There is a constant risk when people set up taxpayers, people are pressed and stressed. If there are costs If you were interested in paying a loan, it was difficult to share it, if you did not accept higher service prices that would be involved in investing?

Coal operators said a "cash" cash reduction, but Dr. Tran Hang, who was a director of the State Quality Assessment Department (Building Ministry) said: "Investment is too spacious, so investments are slow and non-efficient."

A description of Da Nang – Quang Ngai Highway over 34,000 billion has passed over the " car but broken, Mr Tran said: For technical error, find a reason for technical error, removal. We need to continue to & # 39; For a reason, we should not cure symptoms.

Da Nang – the Quang Ngai route over 34,000 billion just opened its car but was broken

For 20 years ago, Coriary public investment was not different from Vietnam now

Mr Nguyen Dang Truong, Managing Director of Procurement Management (Planning and Investment Ministry) said that Vietnam should learn how to do it. All private projects are well researched, and after independent research, moderate evaluation. The projects are categorized, which effectively want PPP public-private partnership, "bones", the State will do.

"Their legal corridors are very clear and are protected by investors. The public-private partnership law of Korea says that if there are provisions related to other laws, Prior to your PPP claim. 20 years ago, the Commonwealth investment is not different from Vietnam now, but Korea is one of the best-established countries in Asia, "said Nguyen Dang Truong.

Nguyen Van Phuc, former chairman of the National Assembly's Economic Committee, said: "To assess the development of transport in the National Assembly, Tran Duy Lich's producer is appointed by the Japanese Transportation Minister , if there is money to do it first, it's a traffic, and if there is money, it still makes a traffic. This is a suggestion that transport is something most important in developing the economy in the world.

"For economic development, transport is essential, not only for economic development but also for the benefit of people. For the transport sector, the legal framework and policy have many meanings but the first is the trust. legal framework, people do not believe and do not store. The quality of law is very important and quality assurance of traffic, "said Nguyen Van Phuc.

Professor Nguyen Mai, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Association is invested, evaluated: We have many investments strategies and plans in all areas of time in the field of our; infrastructure, but a whole lack of long vision. time. "Any enemy needs to have any vision," said Professor. Nguyen Mai.

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