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November is a month's prevention and cancer prevention. protests.

It is a gland of the male belt system in which; bristle, who is responsible for the secretion of materials that make up the devil. As well as illegal diseases, cancer can affect it. The Blue Blue in Brazil was encouraged by international movement to stop the disease and funded research in the cancer field.

Prostate cancer is the sixth most common type in the world and the one with the highest standard in men. Disease rates are around six times higher in developed countries and around 70% of cases are around the world in people over 65 years of age. When demonstrated and treated at a basic level, there is a lower risk of death.

According to the Ministry of Health in Brazil, today is the second cause of cancer death and it is Respond to 6% of all deaths with this group. One person dies every 28 minutes due to cancer prostain, according to the latest data from the National Institute; (Inca).

"Out of breach and fear, many people still do not get cancer prevention and prostate cancer. They should start studying their prosthesis from the age of 50. People with family history or black men should start at 45, "said urologist Gabriel Gouvêa.

However, Blue Blue's idea is to promote early judgment, because, when it is detected early, 90% of cases will succeed in success. "During the first stage, the burner tumor does not show any marks, for example. When some signs appear, including bone and weight loss, about 95% of the tumors are already progressively advanced, "Gouvêa wants.

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