Reasons to stay with Elbers at KLM, it seems that case to do NOW


KLM CEO Pieter Elbers may be able to act as a president of the Dutch air. According to French newspaper La Tribune there is a kind of negotiation about this. This recommendation still has to be agreed in the board meeting of the Air France-KLM parent company.

The air is very disturbing. refusing to say. There are also media that describe sources that are </ i>; confirm that there is no agreement yet. There is also a belief that KLM's additional French commissioner would be a contract to stay in Elbers.

Inside air disturbance, strong strife has been held for a while about the location of KLM's Chief Executive. It would be seen by the Air France-KLM management as a serious obstacle to suggestions from the parent company to change the structure. Elbers often did not disturb plans from Paris to limit KLM devolution.

La Tribune says that the Air France-KLM roof may be trying to handle the case at its address. Tuesday board meeting. But it is not sure, as Elbers' current term is still the head of KLM running to his / her; April.

A current structure group would not change

Depending on the compromise resolution in relation to the reinstatement of the English, a structure would be a. A group that is still still whole. In addition, Elbers would be appointed as Deputy CEO of Air France-KLM, a condition that is also reserved for the Air France airline.

La Tribune says that no further decision was made about an additional commissioner appointed on the KLM Board of Directors. In the Netherlands, he is aware that Ben Mac a 'Ghobhainn, the highest leader of his son, parent company, to be involved in KLM as a member of the Board of Directors. Anne-Marie Couderc, chair of Air France-KLM, would also be the option.

The whole cause causes many disagreements. Netherlands's politics were already in place and KLM staff recently joined a petition to keep Elbers alive. It has been signed more than 25,000 times.

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