Rebellion Research: Greece is the second country in Europe


A virtual study of our country has come from the Swedish Timbro Institute and has disturbed people in the European Union.

In accordance with this year's Absolute Popularity Schedule, Hungary, Greece and Italy are the three countries where support for strengthened populist parties is stronger. Unlike Malta, Ireland and the United Kingdom, people are not getting appropriate land, as it seems.

Timbro Institute's study, which is presented for this third year of Greece, is a KEFIM, an independent, non-profit, non-profit organization based in Athens, which is located in Athens. Greece is one of the four EU member states that the government consists of populists, although the populist parties in the country have collected more than 50% of the votes in the Last national elections in September 2015.

As long as Europe has to do it; belongs, devolved people are established as the third European philosophy in Europe – the development planned to be sustained after the European elections this year.

At the same time, the 1-4 European vote votes authorized delegated populist in the last national elections. Support for those parties reaches 22.2% across Europe, a record chart for Europe, 1.5% higher than last year.

On the same index, the figures show that at least one unified populist party has a & # 39; supported by 1 to 3 governments in Europe, but people on the right are raised, with people leaving the left. It is only the Mediterranean countries where the populist parties have more influence at the left radical.

Andreas Johansson Heino, author of the statement, said: "The authorized populist parties are marked because they see politics as a conflict between the" unit "and homosexual people with interests He says: "These parties have a devolved vision of democracy that threatens many of the values ​​at the heart of European democracy."

Heino says that there is a choice of both the European Parliament and national elections in spring in Spain, Denmark and Finland.

"We already know that populist parties are in the middle of the media. The signal represents these trends in a broader perspective," it's a come to an end.

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