Recognize Thai Paraguay, it is not forbidden, but why 51 countries in Cambodia, Laos are flat


Growing a hot topic in Thai agricultural circles With both supporters and activists When the Commission Hazardous Products With a resolution of 16 to 5 votes, the abolition of 3 agro-chemical types, & # 39; paraquat, chlorpyrifos & # 39; and glyphosate in 6 varieties of plants, and including rubber, pill, cassava, sugar cubes, cereal trees and fruit Sign which reflects on its; this case again in the next 2 years, if they could not find other chemicals for the place The remaining 5 votes refused.

The Purpose of the Committee of Concerns was made on 14 February 62, confirming its & # 39; Original Determination on May 23, 61, & # 39; using paragloss, chlorpyrifos, and glyphosates. In the six main types of economic crops in Thailand for the next 2 years, it will be considered again As it is necessary now to listen to information from each party Both farmers who need to use Due to They are immediately denied The farmers will have an immediate impact on them. There are no other materials for space.

Polling result He has made a big disappointment to a civil society after trying to make a campaign for the Thai government to be willing and willing; The resulting paragliding was investigated the health and environmental effects that use paragliding, chlorpyrifos, and glyphosate throughout, especially at present. There are at least 51 countries around the world that are horizontal. Do not let using parawood.

* Understanding the content is important, people are not familiar with this name.

It is a type of herbaceous in paraffin. Which is the best in the world Because expensive is not expensive And many are not needed But they have seen the result of being carried to the dead by going to the dead. adjust the paraffin products to stop the growth of herbal cells Only a green part So destroy photosynthesis of pages When scratched to the green page Does the breeze dried up and # 39; dying within 1-2 hours without going to & # 39; spread into the path and the cas system It can also be used with many crops.

In Thailand, call the name to the Parquart & # 39; Gmok Zone & # 39; (Grammoxone) and it is considered that Thai farmers use their pesticides (herbs); Most in the field crops, which include sugar crab, cassava, rubber.

* In 2017, Thailand introduced more than 4.4 thousand tons of paraffin.

According to the BBC report, the Thai language department said that in 2017 Thailand introduced 44,501 tonnes of pairifin, worth 3,816 million baht, and # 39; Considering the highest value of dangerous substances introduced to Thailand. It is Number 2 in glyphosate, which is a Made from Thailand 59,852 tonnes, worth 3,283 million baht.

* Arguments about the dangers of paraquat

The BBC reports, according to the Scottish Environmental Environment Agency (EPA) data, it is said that a lot of toxicity is just eating one sip that will die. Without drugs to nest

While it was in 2009 World Health Organization RSS Feeds Are chemicals moderately harmful But comments in that report Are long-term health effects included in the body And harm to life if eating Not in contact with skin in a wide range

Mr Amnat Ketkao, leader of the network of wealthy ways to the town, Uncle and the associated network, walked to the Government House on June 19, 61, asking the government to announce the 3 types of dangerous poisoning, Paracaw. O – Chlorphilifos – Glascospes without condom

* At least 51 countries around the world, Paraguas is already flat.

According to the BBC report He also said At the moment, there are at least 51 countries around the world. That eliminated your paraquat Inclusion of European Union countries It was deferred in 2007

With the European Court There is an order to stop the use of Parquart. Because of health concerns And assessing safety in chemicals A & N without insertion; describes Parkinson's disease impact for consideration

In Asia, there are 9 countries, that is China, Cambodia, Laos, Kuwait, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. The countries that use are limited to & # 39; including Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Although the United States, Australia, New Zealand are relatively limited, non-paragroup countries …

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