Record non-traditional export record when investing $ 13,214 million in 2018 Economy


Non-traditional exports included US $ 13,214 million in 2018, a sum that was a representing a historical record, which meant that 13% had a & # 39; growth by 2017, according to the final report of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR).

This value showed a 10.8% increase in sales overseas due to higher vessels in agricultural, fishing, chemical and textile sectors; and a growth of 1.9% in average prices.

Foreign selling of agricultural products is the most important factor in non-traditional exports and reached $ 5,909 million in 2018, 15.2% higher than in 2017. The main destinations for these results are the United States, the Netherlands, Ecuador and Chile.

Exports of non-traditional fishing products increased by 26.4%; Text extracts increase by 10.1% and chemicals with 12.5%, among others. Despite this, there has been a decline in overseas sales of exports of timber, paper and up to 0.9% by 2017.

In the last 12 months to December 2018, Peruvian non-traditional export registered the second highest (13%) growth among the main Latin American countries.

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